Anchors Aweigh


Pilot Groupie

I am the first to admit that Navy life can be difficult and stressful, but I've tried to convey on this little blog how much I genuinely love this lifestyle. Good and bad, it's such a fun ride, and I can't imagine our story without the military in it. 

Being in the military was Parker's dream long before I was in the picture, and I've never in my life met someone so passionate about what they do. That man loves to fly those planes! Seeing that love and passion he has for what he does has really influenced the way I view military life. He loves it, I love him, so I love it. 

I am Parker's wife, but I also at times feel so much like his little groupie. I think he has the coolest job in the world! I got the opportunity to watch him fly last Friday and loved every minute of it. We took a few obligatory photos "together", and I enjoyed hanging out in the LSO shack watching him fly, hearing him call the ball while other guys flew, and seeing him in his element. 

Military life is what you make it. That husband of mine makes the adventure so worth it and so sweet. I couldn't be more thankful!

Parents In Virginia, 2016 Edition

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting Parker's parents for the long weekend! We really love having people stay with us and were so excited for their visit!

Tim and Leigh are always such awesome visitors. They are easy going and fun, and we just love hosting them in our home here in Virginia! Parker's work schedule has been very unpredictable lately (#Navylife), so we were so thankful he ended up having Saturday and Sunday off to hang out with us!

Saturday morning, we went on a long nature walk with the pup and basked in the glorious sun. When you live in Virginia, you wait a long time for that precious sun to come out after wintertime.

We got cleaned up and headed to downtown Norfolk for the afternoon! It's funny, because when we moved to this area of the country 2 years ago, I really didn't care for it. At all. But the more time I spend here, the more I fall in love with this place. We have a really cool downtown area, and it seems like there is always a festival going on! 

This particular day, we stumbled upon a hole in the wall restaurant that (in my opinion) has the best burgers in Norfolk! Locals, stop in Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint! Parker and I split the Danny Laruso, a burger topped with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. I'm still thinking about it. So good!

We walked along the water to our afternoon activity... a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk! Tim and Leigh were so sweet to plan this, and we honestly had the best time! It was a 2 hour cruise with dinner and dancing. Pardon my picture of a picture below. 

The food was absolutely delicious (I thought it was better than the food we had on our cruise to The Bahamas!) and the dancing didn't disappoint. Parker and I are the first to admit that we are absolutely terrible dancers. I lack any semblance of rhythm and am one of the worst dance partners you could have, but we absolutely love dancing together. We danced most of the cruise along with Leigh (and Tim at one point too!). The dancing was our favorite part!

The top of the boat made for some pretty sightseeing as well!

The dinner cruise was definitely the highlight of their visit, and I am grateful to them for giving us that fun experience! Their visit was over too quickly, but isn't that how it always goes? Loved our time together!


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