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What Would You Grab In A Fire?

Happy Monday! I used to dread Mondays a little bit more than I do now. Sure, it's nice to be off work on the weekends and to have Parker home, but you can't truly unwind and relax when you live with a one year old. ;) Basically, Monday isn't so bad when you have the same responsibility 24/7/365!

Today's writing prompt is simple and probably way overdone, but I always think it's an interesting question. If your house was on fire and you had 30 seconds to grab something, what would you grab?

Assume the obvious is out safely... husband, kids, pets. Obviously, we would all grab our children and our animals, but what you grab next is where I think it gets interesting. I thought a lot about what I would grab if my house were going up in flames, and I came up with one thing that I would really want to save.

Preston's baby book.

This book is where I recorded all of his milestones from the first year, when he got each tooth, what foods he liked, what we did during the day... it holds everything that I want to remember. Some of those details are committed to memory, but many of them will only exist in this book as the years pass on. If I lost this book and those carefully recorded memories and moments, I would be so sad.

I actually took a picture of each page right before we moved just in case the Navy decided to lose it. It arrived in tact, but I am glad I took the pictures as a back up! Even so, if I had 30 seconds to save something from a fire, I would save this book.

And after the book, if I had another 10 seconds to spare, I would grab my wallet and car keys since we all know replacing car keys/credit cards/IDs is a major pain. For convenience sake, I would definitely love to save myself the agony and grab my wallet and car keys.

If my house were truly going up in flames, everything is replaceable except for Parker, Preston, and Jenny. Getting them out safely is all I would truly need. Everything else (even that coveted baby book) would be icing on the cake.

And if you're interested, I have the CR Gibson 5 Year Memory Book and LOVE it! It has the monthly milestone pages and different pages to record birthdays, daily schedules, shots, baby showers, announcements, etc. I will use this book for any baby we bring home! There's even a section to write about the grandparents and the story of mom and dad!

If you had 30 seconds and anything with a heartbeat was already out, what would you grab in a fire?

Recent Reads: October

With all the Halloween festivities going on next week, I thought I would do my monthly book post a little early this month! Once again, I read three books and really enjoyed reading all three. None were out-of-this-world amazing, but all kept me entertained.

Here's what occupied my nightstand this month...

Modern Romance
By Aziz Ansari

I became a fan of Aziz when Parker and I binge watched Parks & Rec. When we saw he had a book, we decided to listen to the audio version for a long road trip. It's basically a giant analysis on how romance has changed and how much technology has played a role in the way we meet, interact, and enjoy each other. He was really well researched and kept it funny and interesting. If you are an Aziz fan, listen to the audio version of this one for the full effect!

Bachelor Nation
By Amy Kaufman

I have been watching The Bachelor since the beginning and just can't seem to quit #noshame. I love the silly franchise and get into the love story each and every time. Being the fan that I am, I knew I would love this book. Amy Kaufman is a journalist for the LA Times that worked closely with the franchise, so she has an inside scoop on the inner workings. She also interviewed many past contestants on the show and printed those interviews in the book, which made it all the more intriguing. The book analyzes why America has such a fascination with this franchise and what really happens to contestants at every stage. If you aren't a big Bachelor fan, skip this one. If you love The Bachelor, pull up a chair and dive right in.

The Wedding Date
By Jasmine Guillory

This was a chick flick in a book. Although it was fairly predictable from the beginning, it was so fun to read, and you instantly liked both characters. A chance meeting in an elevator turns into a date at a wedding where they "pretend" they are together. The pretending leads to real feelings, and the book takes a few more twists and turns from there. This was an easy, enjoyable read that kept me happy the whole time.

What are you reading and loving lately?


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