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What I've Leaned From Having A Newborn (On A Lighter Note...)

Earlier this month, I shared what I've learned from having a newborn. That post could be an ever-evolving series, because I feel like I learn something new about my new role every day. Motherhood is a minute to minute journey, and I've found that what worked yesterday may not today. This cute kid keeps me on my toes, that's for sure! Here are 10 other things I've learned from having a newborn, on a lighter note...

I can pick up almost anything with my toes. I have a kid in my arms 99% of the time... desperate times calls for desperate measures, yall.

Nap time is your one chance to get things done. They say to sleep when the baby sleeps, but having both hands free to clean, prep meals, and do laundry means you do all of the above in overdrive before that precious baby wakes up again.

Showering is a small victory. When Parker asks what I did that day, if I showered, I include it in my list of accomplishments. Because it is.

You want your baby to go down for a nap so you can get things done, but then you miss them while they sleep and sit there waiting for them to wake up. It's a vicious cycle.

You secretly curse anyone that ever said breastfeeding is easy. They big fat lied to your face.

You wish more people posted on Instagram at 3 AM. You need entertainment for those middle of the night feedings.

You become the worst at responding to texts. Ever. Seriously, I will go several days before I respond to a text. The worst.

Changing diapers is second nature and doesn't even phase you. It's just another thing you do during the day... and in the middle of the night.

You check the weather 15 times a day because you are desperate for a little fresh air, but conditions have to be perfect for you to take that brand new baby out of the house.

Your new boss is pretty demanding, but you've never wanted to work so hard for someone. Best. Job. Ever. 

Life Lately

Tap tap... is this thing on? I have really let blogging fall by the wayside but am determined to get back into it. I miss this little slice of the Internet! Since it's been a while, here's a little life lately from our neck of the woods. 

Preston visited daddy for the first time at work! It was family day in Parker's squadron, so we took the baby to see the planes. I'm sure his little 8 week old self was really into it. ;)

Parker and I realized that our time in Virginia is going to end before we can blink, so we need to see and do as much as possible before we leave! Virginia Beach has a really great aquarium that we had yet to see, so we loaded up the baby and stroller and went to check it out. We discovered we are more zoo people than aquarium people, but it was a really cool facility and still a great way to spend a Saturday!

My first post-pregnancy run with my best girl was amazing! I have so been looking forward to running again, and Jenny was happy to come along!

Easter was our first holiday as a family of four! Since we weren't able to be with our families in Texas, we hosted Easter dinner for a few friends here in VA. It was a great day with people that we love!

Family park day! Most of these activities will probably be a little more exciting when our son is a little older, but carpe diem. I love a good park date!

Baby's first time on the swings! He loved it so much that he slept right through it. ;)

I looked over and Jenny had decided my breastfeeding pillow was the perfect pillow for a pup. She snuggled right in and proceeded to take a little snooze.

My twin and her husband and son came to visit us this past week in Virginia! We had been looking forward to this trip for months and had the absolute best time. Our only complaint was that it went by way too quickly. One of our favorite parts was walking along the beach. Babies and the beach... nothing better, yall.

This past Sunday, we dedicated our son to the Lord at church! It was so special and something I have always dreamed of doing. We want him to choose to be baptized when he is older, so by dedicating him to the Lord, we made a promise to bring him up in a Godly household and point him toward Jesus. The verse we chose for him was Deuteronomy 31:6.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you."

It was so special having family in town for Preston's dedication!

Two of our best friends came as well. This baby is so well loved, and we couldn't be more grateful. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this is part of ours!

Well, as I finish this up, I have a baby that has let it be known that he is over playing on his activity mat, so I'm off to tend to that. That's life lately!

What I've Learned From Having A Newborn

When I was in my final weeks of pregnancy, I was as calm, cool, and collected as one can be knowing they are about to meet their child. I had just spent 3 months with my twin sister and her newborn, so I thought I had the whole newborn thing in the bag. Cocky... so cocky. What I quickly learned upon meeting my son was that I didn't, in fact, know everything. My nephew is as close to mine as you can get without actually being mine, but there is still something completely different when it's your kid. It's like any previous experience and expectations go out the window in a matter of seconds. So what have I learned?

Keeping it real... co-parenting is hard. Parker and I were both raised in loving, Christian homes, but we were both raised very differently. Naturally, we both gravitate to the type of parenting that was done on us. Now I realize right now we are not as much raising our son as we are just keeping him alive, but the differences still apply. We put an emphasis on different things, and what one parent thinks is no big deal, the other thinks actually is a big deal. We are both coming from a place of love for our son, but that doesn't mean it isn't tough when you don't agree on the right way to do things. On the flip side, I will say I am glad we don't agree on everything. We each bring a different perspective to the table and can learn from each other. Co-parenting is hard, but it's also a blessing.

I am fiercely protective. I mean I'm a mom, so I knew I was going to be protective, but this is on another level. Most people know to wait to be asked if they want to hold the baby, which I really appreciate. When someone has tried to take the baby from my hands, I don't handle that well. You have this perfect little baby that is yours, and having him snatched out of your hands without permission is just really overwhelming. There is also a very small list of people I am comfortable leaving him with at this stage. Basically, if my mom lived closer, we'd be set. I know I will chill out as time goes on, but I am so protective over this little life that grew inside me. 

It's a different kind of love. I knew I was going to love my kid, but I had no idea the depth at which I was capable of loving him. It's just a different kind of love that's unlike anything I have ever experienced. Ryan Reynolds said it best in an interview with David Letterman. "I love my wife more than anything in the world and would take a bullet for her. Then the second I looked in my baby's eyes, I knew in that exact moment that if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby". Parker and I laugh about that quote all the time. I love Parker more than anything, but this kid of mine... there are no words. It's a different kind of love. 

Life Lately

I know things have been pretty quiet around the blog as of late (hello, life with a newborn!), but I wanted to pop in and share a little life lately in our neck of the woods. It's pretty much all things baby over here, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Obviously having a brand new baby puts a temporary stop on social outings, but my friends have been so wonderful in planning activities that my son and I can be involved in. So thankful for these girls. It's really fun seeing your friends love your baby!

My family visited for a week, and it was so amazing having them here! The main reason for the visit was of course to love on the baby, but my sisters and I took a quick trip to watch Parker fly. When in Virginia!

My parents are the best grandparents to our sweet baby. It's so fun seeing them in the grandparent role! Grammy and Grandpa looks good on them!

Parker and I went on our first post-baby date night! With our son being so little, I am not ready to leave him with anyone, but Grammy is the exception and made me feel so at ease leaving him for a few hours. Parker and I had the best time!

Our first date night was of course sushi! Give me all the raw fish, please! It was seriously delicious, and I could eat that stuff every day. I waited 10 months for a plate full of sushi and man was it worth the wait!

Jenny has been such a trooper as we adjust to life as a family of four, but she unfortunately had a run in with bad luck this past week. She was playing with my neighbor's dog, and the dog's tag sliced through Jenny's ear. A couple of stitches later, she is going to be just fine. Very thankful she is going to be okay, but talk about a freak accident! Poor girl has been coping with lots and lots of peanut butter. ;)

My new favorite thing is baby wearing! We took a little family trip to the driving range to watch Parker hit golf balls and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. 

That's life lately!

Month One Favorites

We officially have a one month old! How in the world did that happen? It's gone by so quickly but simultaneously feels like he has been with us for a long time. I am willing time to slow down because this newborn phase is just so sweet.

I thought I would take today to share the products that got us through this first month. When we registered for baby gifts, I had no clue what I was doing. Does any first time mom really have a clue? This one sure didn't! I knew the items that were helpful to my sister with her son, but other than that, I winged it.

Now that we are a month in, there are several products that I swear by and have made day-to-day life so much easier.

1. My Medela iPhone App- This has been a lifesaver. I use it to document his feedings, but you can also document wet/dirty diapers, pumping, and sleeping patterns. I can never remember what time he ate (#mombrain), so I refer back to my app about 100 times a day to see if it's time to eat. If nursing, there is a timer so you know exactly how long each feeding is and which side the baby fed on last. Couldn't recommend this enough, and it's free!

2. Boppy Newborn Lounger- If I need to put him down or just want him to be able to stretch, this is where he goes. He is pretty content sitting there for a little while, and it's great to put on the kitchen table while I scarf down a meal. I wanted to make sure he wasn't held 24/7 in those first weeks of life so that he would be content when the time came that I was on my own and had to put him down, and the newborn lounger has been perfect for that.

3. Graco Glider Elite Gliding Swing- He usually takes 1-2 long naps per day, and at least one of them is in the swing. This is my productive time where I cook, clean, etc. We love this swing and so does our son.

4. Fisher Price Rock n Play- This is where he sleeps, and it's been great. He has slept well in it since the day he came home, and it doesn't take up a lot of space. I'm a big fan of the Rock n Play.

5. Wipeable Changing Pad Cover- There are so many cute changing pad covers out there and many much cuter than the one I have, but yall, the wipeable feature is a game changer. I never have to wash it when he inevitably poops or pees on the changing table. I just wipe it down with a Clorox wipe, and we are good to go. The cloth ones are cute, but you will be washing them several times a week!

6. My Brest Friend- This is what I use to nurse him, so it's easily our most used baby product. It makes breastfeeding comfortable for both of us. You know you are parents when the phrase "Have you seen my brest friend?" is used multiple times a day. ;)

7. Spectra Breast Pump- This pump came highly recommended over the Medela, so I decided to give it a go. I absolutely love it. I can pump one side at a time rather than having to pump both, and it uses a charger, so I don't have to plug it in when I use it. I could pump in the car if I wanted to. It's awesome!

Why I Loved Having a C-Section

I blogged our pregnancy week by week, and I think it was around the halfway point that I started talking about a c-section. That's about how early the doctors started talking about it with me. Our son measured large the entire pregnancy, a fact that I loved and was really grateful for. I love a big, healthy baby!

When babies are measuring big, they worry about the shoulders getting stuck during delivery, known as shoulder dystocia. It could injure the baby and would likely result in an emergency c-section to get the baby out. Our son's head and abdomen were measuring greater than the 99th percentile, so the doctor's were very weary about the risk of shoulder dystocia. 

My doctors never pushed a c-section on me and made it clear that it was my choice to try to have him on my own or opt for the c-section. As with most things in life, there were pros and cons to both, and while they could advise me based on the facts, the choice was mine. I chose to have a c section, and once I saw our perfect, big baby, I was glad I did! The shoulders on that kid were something to write home about!

For some reason, there is a stigma with having a c-section. Some think it's taking the easy route, some think it's not letting your body do what it was made to do, and some go so far as to think the c-section mama isn't a real woman. I never agreed with any of these, so it never really bothered me, but I did want to share why I loved my c-section and how thankful I am that this is the route I chose.

I will preface with this: I am all for natural births. It wasn't the best option for me and my child, but had it been, that would have been the way we wanted to go. I wanted to write this out for the pregnant mama discouraged because she might have to have a c-section.

5 Reasons I loved my c-section:

1. No tearing. Yes, a c-section is major surgery, but the lack of tearing was a huge perk.

2. No contractions, no pain during surgery. Since my water broke and I didn't make it to my scheduled c-section, I did experience a couple of hours of contractions. Those things are no joke! No contractions (or very little in my case) are a nice benefit to the c-section.

3. It's quick. My water broke at 3:30 AM, and we had our son at 12:21 PM. No long labor, no waiting to dilate to a 10, no pushing for hours. You get to meet your baby quickly. On top of that, the surgery itself takes minutes. Once I was in the OR and all numbed up, my son was out in 5 minutes.

4. A lot of knowns as opposed to unknowns. With a c-section, you know what's happening. They are going to cut you open, take the baby out, and sew you back up. Natural birth presents far more unknowns since each person's body progresses at a different rate, handles contractions differently, etc.

5. It was the safest option for us. Simply put, I loved my c-section because it got my son here safely. Regardless of your birth story, if your baby is alive and well, I hope you love the way they got here and celebrate the miracle that occurred on that day.

If you end up having a c-section like I did, even if it was not your plan, there are positives, and it doesn't make you any less of a woman or a mom for doing so. Modern medicine is amazing, and c-sections exist to get babies out safely when a vaginal delivery isn't working. I for one am glad they do!

Our Birth Story

Thank you all so much for the sweet congratulations and well wishes on the arrival of our baby boy. We are thrilled to be parents and are truly loving every moment with our little man. His birth story couldn't have gone any better, and I want to make sure to write it all down so I don't forget the details! In the final weeks of pregnancy, I spent so many hours wondering what his birthday would look like and praying for that day. Anytime someone asked us what our birth plan was, I said the same thing: "whatever brings him into the world safely and keeps me safe in the process". I never had a specific plan. I just wanted a healthy baby boy, and I wanted to live to tell about it. ;)

Since our baby was measuring so big from the beginning, the doctors started talking to me early on about the possibility of a c section. I was prepared for it, and honestly, I was just fine with the possibility. Since he didn't come on his own in weeks 36 or 37, and his head and shoulders were still measuring really big, we scheduled a c section. Little did we know, our son wasn't going to wait that long. 

At about 3:30 AM, I woke up and thought I had wet the bed. I was annoyed and confused but changed clothes and got back into bed. As soon as I laid back down, the same thing happened again. At this point, I wondered if it could be my water breaking. I probably sound so silly not realizing it right away, but I was always told it was like a big gush, and that wasn't true in my case at all. It literally felt like I couldn't stop peeing. I woke Parker up to tell him I thought my water was breaking, and he sleepily replied "Okay, well just let me know" as he rolled over. Clearly, he wasn't quite awake enough to process what was happening. I called my twin sister who is a postpartum nurse and consulted Dr. Google, both of which confirmed that my water had indeed broken. I woke Parker up and told him what was happening, and he shot up like a bolt of lightning and busily started gathering our bags and getting everything ready. Ready or not, we were having a baby today!

We arrived at the hospital around 4:45 AM and were immediately admitted. At this point, other than having to deal with the fact that my water was still breaking, I was in no pain and hadn't experienced any contractions. I was dilated to a 3, but I had been dilated to a 3 the last 2 weeks. We were told the doctor would be in around 8 AM. Of course, the doctor I had been seeing throughout most of the later stages of my pregnancy was not on call. It was around 10 AM when the doctor on call came in, and he asked if I wanted to do a c section or vaginal delivery. I was really conflicted. The plan was to do a c section just 2 days later, but was my water breaking early a sign that I should try to have him on my own? The doctor said he was comfortable with either but went back to review our ultrasounds just to be sure. At this point, contractions were coming in full force and were about a minute apart. They hurt just like everyone said they would! When the doctor returned, he still said he was comfortable with either option. I looked at him and said "I really need you to tell me what to do. What would you do?". I knew I was leaning towards the c section and so was Parker, but I needed someone to confirm that. The doctor looked at me and said, "Okay, at this point, you are dilated to a 5 and probably wouldn't have him for a while. Since he is measuring so big, let's do the c section." I was so thankful I wanted to cry. Parker and I agreed that was the way to go, and at about 11:30 AM, they were wheeling me back to the OR. 

The doctor on call called my doctor to let her know what was happening, and she asked them to wait while she drove to the hospital so she could perform the c section herself. I almost cried when I saw her. I was so comfortable with her from all of our previous appointments and was so flattered that she wanted to do my surgery even though she wasn't scheduled to operate that day. 

They gave me a shot to numb my back, which was mildly painful and felt like a bee sting. That was the last pain I felt. I didn't feel the spinal, and they laid me flat to let it start taking full effect. Within about 10 minutes, I was numb from my chest down. Parker stood at my head and kept me distracted, and they started the surgery without me even knowing it. The doctor said "Are you ready?" I said "Yes!", and she said "Good, because we started a couple of minutes ago!". I replied "Oh good, that means the spinal worked because I can't feel a thing!". 

It all happened so quickly after that. They worked for a few minutes, and then I heard the doctor say "black hair!" to which I cried and looked at Parker. He had hair! A few seconds later at 12:21 PM, I heard the most beautiful sound in the world- his first cry. I lost it, yall. I mean I was already crying, but I really lost it. For the 10 months I knew and loved this baby growing inside of me, I had dreamed of hearing his first cry and knowing he made it safely into the world. It was such an indescribable moment that I hope to never forget. 

The next thing I remember hearing is the doctor saying "that's a big baby!". And it sure was! They briefly held him over the sheet so I could see what he looked like and then handed him to the nurse to get checked out. He was adorable and so so chunky! Needless to say, we knew right then and there the c section was the right call. The head and shoulders on that kid... I really don't think he would have fit had I tried to have him on my own. 

Parker stood with our son as they cleaned him up and performed the initial essential tests. It was probably 3 minutes before they were done, and they immediately placed him on my chest. Man, he was beautiful! I was laying completely flat, so it was hard to see him perfectly, but the moment they laid my son on my chest was pure magic. Parker and I couldn't believe our baby was actually here. We had a son! We were officially parents!

I wouldn't trade a single detail that happened that day. His birth story was perfect, and my only wish came true: he was here safely and they didn't kill me in the process. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Meet Our Son

Preston Lee Phelps

We are overjoyed to share the birth of our son, Preston. God has blessed us so immensely with this beautiful baby boy, and we are loving life as new parents! He was born with a full head of dark hair, dark blue eyes, and the cutest button nose. We are so in love and praising God for this precious miracle. 

Things I Want To Remember: 38 Weeks

It's pretty surreal sitting down to write this post. 38 weeks... we made it to term! This will officially be the last pregnancy update I write. We will meet our son this week one way or the other, a fact that we are still wrapping our heads around. I am glad I have these weekly updates to look back on, and overall I am just feeling really grateful. It's been a healthy, mostly uneventful pregnancy, and I couldn't ask for more. Here is what week 38 of pregnancy has looked like!

I had my last doctor's appointment on Monday. We did one last non-stress test to check baby's reactivity since I have extra amniotic fluid, and he looked great as always! I've had to do those twice a week for the past month or so, but I honestly haven't minded at all. Any chance to check on our little guy is a blessing in my book. 

I officially gained 32 pounds this pregnancy. My goal was 30, but I am happy with the way I look and pleased with how my body has been able to carry this baby. I will say, I am looking forward to losing the weight and wearing my old clothes again soon. ;)

Overall, Parker and I feel very at peace about having a c section. Even if I go into labor on my own, we don't really foresee a scenario where I don't have a c section since our son's head and abdomen are measuring so large. We've weighed the pros and cons and prayed about it, and a c section just seems like the safer way to go to keep him from getting stuck. I know a c section is a lot of people's worst nightmare, but that was never me. From day 1, I didn't care how he got here as long as he gets here safely. There are risks either way, but we are praying for a safe and healthy c section for both our son and me. 

Looking back, I can honestly say I loved being pregnant. The first trimester was easily the hardest with the sickness and not having Parker here. The second trimester was the "pregnancy sweet spot" where I wasn't giant, food tasted good, and energy was up. I loved the second trimester! The third trimester has been tough, but I laugh and say God makes the first trimester so hard so you appreciate the second and third. I am ready to not be pregnant, but it's been a blessed journey. 

I still get indigestion after every meal, and I told Parker that I am really looking forward to laying down at night without feeling the need to throw up. 

Lastly, looking back on this pregnancy, there are three highlights that stick out to me:

1. Finding out our baby is healthy. 
2. Finding out we are having a boy. 
3. Parker arriving home safely from deployment at the 30 week mark of pregnancy. 

It may be a few days before I am back on the blog, so feel free to follow me on Instagram (@chelseaphelps11) to see our son's birth announcement! 

Our Last Weekend as a Family of Three

Since the doctors have decided not to let me go past 39 weeks, we are officially meeting our son this week! We have a scheduled c section if he doesn't come on his own, so we went into this past weekend knowing it was our last weekend before our son enters this world. It was a very normal, uneventful weekend (aren't those the best kind?), but I wanted to document it because we really enjoyed every moment. 

I tease Parker about his one track mind all the time, but lately, we both have it. 90% of our conversation this weekend was either "Can you believe we are meeting our son in x number of days or less?" and "This weather is so perfect!". There were some "Isn't Jenny cute?" phrases thrown in there too, but this was pretty much the gist of our weekend. Despite being 30 degrees on Friday, it was in the 60s on Saturday and got up to 80 degrees on Sunday! This is our kind of weather and so uncharacteristic for Virginia in February. We loved it!

Friday night, we went out to a nice dinner to celebrate Parker passing his aircraft commander board. Love this pilot stud of mine! Ruth's Chris is our go-to celebration dinner lately. We are convinced they serve the best steaks in the world! We also went there the night Parker returned from deployment, and our favorite date night of 2016 was a Spring evening in May sitting on the patio of Ruth's Chris. We love it there. 

I have been meaning to go through my box of items we received when we were pregnant with Taylor Grace to see what I wanted to pass along to her brother and what was going to stay hers. I hadn't looked at this stuff since 2014, so it was neat to rediscover it all. Most of the gifts we received were given to us before we knew she was a girl, so they are mostly gender neutral. Excited to see little brother using the things we've had tucked away for so long. :)

Jenny has a new favorite spot in the house, and it's on the faux sheepskin rug we put in the nursery. She's going to be the best little buddy during all of those late night feedings!

Sunday, I took my 38 week picture before church! There's no hiding this bump, but what else is new?

We had a quick lunch at Cheesecake Factory after church and then promptly went on a long walk with Jenny. 80 degrees in February yall! We had the happiest pup!

Sunday afternoon, we started doing our taxes... always a fun time. I guess Parker decided at this point that Jenny's feet were cold? Made me laugh!

Parker's big project for the weekend was making bookshelves for the nursery. They are simple and exactly what I wanted. So grateful for a handy husband who is happy to spend weekends in the garage working on projects. They nursery is officially ready for baby now!

 That was our last weekend as a family of three! 

Things I Want To Remember: Week 37

As I am sitting here typing this, I can't help but wonder if this is the last update I will do. Every night since Monday, I have gone to sleep thinking I am going to go into labor, and every morning, I wake up still pregnant. No idea at this point, but we are ready for this baby when he is ready to come! Here's what week 37 has looked like...

I had an ultrasound this week to check on our sweet little chunk, and all still looks good! He is head down, measuring in at 8 lb 2 oz with his head and abdomen both measuring in the greater than 99th percentile. He is measuring overall in the 93rd percentile. So, to sum up, Mr. Chunky is still chunky. Loved getting to see his sweet features on the ultrasound, and that should be the last one we do before we meet him!

I am still doing twice weekly non-stress tests to measure his reactivity since I am considered poly (this just means I have extra amniotic fluid). He has been a champ on each test, and the doctors usually take me off pretty quickly when they see how well he is doing. 

He seems to get the hiccups a lot lately. He gets them at least once a day and usually a couple of times each day, which is way more than he used to. 

I didn't gain any weight last week, and apparently that caught up to me this week. I gained 5 pounds in one week. I couldn't believe it- that seems high for this stage! He did put on a pound and I have even more fluid than I did, so I'm not concerned, just a little surprised! This brings my total pregnancy weight gain to 31 pounds. 

The doctor stripped my membranes (not fun) at my appointment Monday, and I am dilated to a 3. Does that mean he is going to come soon?? Who knows!

We officially have a date scheduled for a c section if he stays put long enough. If he comes this week, I may try to have him on my own. I know God has the perfect birth plan prepared, so I am trying to stay relaxed and trust that our son will arrive safely. 

Life Lately

Life lately consists of 98% talking about the tiny human growing inside me and 2% normal life. That said, I want to remember these last couple of weeks that are just Parker and me. It's crazy to think that our lives are about to change forever. We can't wait. :) Here's life lately...

We bought a car! Typical cliche thing to do when the husband gets back from deployment, but it was time! We traded in my old car, I took Parker's car because it's still pretty new and the perfect size for a baby, and Parker got a new car. So fun!

Posing one last time with my old car. My parents bought me this car when I was 18, and I had it for 9 great years! It's always nostalgic trading in a car you feel like you experienced so much life with, but on to bigger and better things. :)

We have been trying to do as many date nights as we can before we are on house arrest for the next few months. Wings, pho, and sushi (cooked sushi for me!) have been frequent stops. I don't hate it.

And since it's officially my birth month, I get to pick where we eat/what we do. Basically, that means we get lots and lots of froyo. Parker and I started celebrating birth months when we got married almost 6 years ago, and since I will likely have a baby halfway through mine, I am capitalizing now!

This girl has been the best little buddy as always. She hangs out with me during the day and sits with me in the nursery while I daydream of our little guy. We've had people say "she is going to be such a good big sister!". It's a nice thought, and she definitely won't be a bad sister, but she also isn't going to care one bit about this baby. We expect her to be very unimpressed, as per the usual.

If there were ever a picture that summed up what our evenings look like together, this would be it... hanging out on the floor with the Jen pup. Parker is easily her favorite, but what else is new?

My friends took me out for an early birthday brunch, and I felt so special and loved! This group of girls has become my family out here. They are what makes Virginia home. 

I received this beautiful blanket from one of my sorority sisters (my gran big!), and I couldn't love it more. I draped it over the glider so it's one of the first things I see when I walk into the room. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to wrapping our son up in this blanket. He will always know he has the best guardian angel in Heaven.

That's life lately! It's not glamorous, but we are trying to keep everything as normal as we can before baby comes and life does a 180!


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