Anchors Aweigh : December 2017


7 Years of Christmas Cards

Christmas cards were a big deal in my family when I was growing up. My sisters and I coordinated in our best, cheesiest outfits, Mom printed the picture onto a card, and we sent it out to our closest friends and family. I loved sending it and I loved checking the mail each day to see if we received any new cards. 

When Parker and I got married, I started sending our own Christmas card. I have sent one for every year we have been married! I joke that I can't remember the last time I mopped my floors, but I always have our Christmas card in the mail the week of Thanksgiving so it will arrive before December 1st. Priorities. 

We always try to take our Christmas picture in a place that is special to us and represents the past year. I thought I would take today to share our cards through the years!

2011 was the year we got married and our first Christmas together! We took this picture in my Nana's front yard in Midlothian, TX. This was just a few weeks before we started our new lives in Florida, so I love that we were home and in Texas for this card. Jenny was just a year old!

2012 was the year we moved to Pensacola, FL for Parker to begin flight school! We moved that January and absolutely fell in love with the place. We had so many great friends and spent most weekends on the beautiful beach. It was only fitting that we take our picture on the beach!

2013 was the year we moved to Kingsville, TX and were finally back in the motherland! We took this picture on the naval base since that year was spent with Parker logging more study/flight/Navy time than I knew was possible. 

2014 was spent in Norfolk, VA. We took this picture in the middle of such a big, trying time in our lives. I was pregnant with Taylor Grace in this picture. By the time this card arrived in mailboxes, I was no longer pregnant with her. We also had Darla that year, the dog we took in for a year while her owner was on deployment. We took our picture in front of our house with a tripod. That house holds so many memories that I never want to forget, so I love that we chose to take it there. 

2015 was spent in Virginia Beach, VA, and we took this picture on the nature trail behind our house. This was our first house to buy, so that makes this picture extra special to us! Bonus: this is the first picture Jenny decided to crack a smile for! ;)

2016 was the year of the deployment and the year of the pregnancy! Go big or go home, right? Since Parker was deployed from June-December, we had a little fun with this card and made sure it was an adequate representation of 2016. I mailed Parker the sign he is holding. I am in Texas with my family, and Parker is in Bahrain!

2017 was our first Christmas card with baby Preston! It was so surreal for me to get to include our son in this card. It sounds silly, but it was a dream come true! We took this one again in the nature trail behind our house, knowing this is the last year we will get to do so before we move. We also learned this year that getting both a dog and a baby to look at the camera is impossible. (Oopsies- i just realized I cut off the "P" in Parker's name. It was included in the actual card. ;))

All cards are really special to me, and of course I love our card this year because it has sweet baby Preston in it, but if I had to pick a favorite card, it would be our card from 2014. That card was taken on a tripod in our front yard, so it's not winning any photography awards, but it is so special to me. It is the only card that has Taylor Grace and Darla in it. We will Godwilling have so many cards in the future, but that is the only card that will ever say Taylor's name, so it will always be really special to me. 

Life Lately

It's been a hot minute since I shared what life has looked like lately in our neck of the woods, so this Monday seems like as good a day as any to fix that! Life is always full speed ahead around the holidays, but we are loving every minute of it. Here's what we've been up to...

We had Parker's annual squadron Christmas party this past Friday! It was fun to get dressed up, and this was the first time we used a babysitter that wasn't our family or a close friend. And all we were thinking by the end of the night was "Why did we wait so long to get a babysitter??". We had a blast!

The Christmas party was at the Virginia Air & Space Museum, so of course my husband wasn't happy at all about being around so many planes. ;) They always do a big raffle for tons of prizes at these Christmas parties. A couple of years ago, we won an iPad! We were of course hoping we would win something this year too! We had two tickets and put my name on both of them since Parker isn't technically supposed to win. The first ticket was drawn early on for a gift card, and we were so excited! It was getting late and they still hadn't drawn for the grand prize, a 75 inch TV, but Parker and I decided to call it a night and head home. We gave the remaining ticket to a friend and left. We got a text from said friend as soon as we got home telling us that ticket had won. So basically, had I stayed 45 minutes longer, we would have gotten a free 75 inch TV. Lesson learned, yall! I am kind of glad we weren't there because a hard working sailor deserves that TV way more than I do, but I can't believe how close we were to winning a free TV!

The next morning, we woke up and decided to take baby Preston in for his very first haircut. They charged us for a "bang trim" and not so subtly let us know that our kid didn't really need a haircut. They trimmed around his ears and cut a small amount off the top and called it good. I in turn took my free bag of hair home and taped it to the baby book. That's what the mom's do these days, right? Save their kid's hair from the first haircut? I agree, it feels strange. He was a trooper though and did great!

On the way to our neighborhood Christmas party, Parker stopped to feed the neighborhood peacock popcorn. Just another day in sweet home Virginia...

Preston met Santa for the first time at the neighborhood Christmas party! Santa looked questionably like our friendly neighbor, Steve, but that must have been a coincidence. ;) Preston was very curious and just stared at Santa the whole time. We were definitely expecting tears, but he did great!

In other news, here's a picture of this sweet trooper. She is so tolerant of her little brother and so patient with him. Clearly, as she is laying on a couch with multiple pillows under her, you can see that her life isn't too bad. ;)

Other than that, life lately has looked a whole lot like this: sweet family time with my three favorites. Time slow down!

That's life lately!


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