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Biggest Pet Peeve

I'm a pretty easy going person. I try to keep it cool and just brush things off when they annoy me, but there is one thing that fires me up in .01 seconds and causes me to rant for 10 minutes straight.

Texting and driving.

I know we have all done it before and some of us still do it daily, but there are few things in my mind more dangerous than texting while driving. I don't know about yall, but I hear this excuse all the time: I'm good at it. No, you're not. None of us are good at driving without our eyes. Are you Batman? Didn't think so. Here's my thing with it, and I realize this post is becoming kind of a rant (sorry- can't help it): not only are you risking your life by not focusing on the road, you are risking the lives of those around you who aren't choosing to text and drive. That just doesn't seem fair. I know it's hard, especially when you are driving a long way, but it can wait. When I had to drive 9 hours when we moved from Florida to Texas, my phone was going crazy with people texting and asking where we were, how the drive was going, etc. I felt badly not answering, but it could wait until we got to the next rest stop. It can always wait.

Highway Don't Care is one of my favorite songs right now. Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban in the same song? Yes please! I love the message they chose to convey in the song though. They know they have a voice and did an awesome act of public service by releasing this video. It's disturbing, but the raw emotion and truth is so powerful.

Sorry this post was kind of a downer. I think it's such an important message, and I don't think it can be reiterated enough. Maybe next time you get in the car, put the phone down and wait until you're off the road. It could save your life.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?


Julie @ A Simply Sweet Blog said...

To go along with texting and driving I'll throw out drinking and driving. Also 100% avoidable. We have a good family friend who was killed in the middle of the day by a drunk driver - so unnecessary :/ Really can't stand when I hear people bragging about how drunk they've been while driving before!

Kate Mitchell said...

It's absolutely an important thing to say. I have a friend who was in a horrible car accident in high school because of texting and driving - her boyfriend died, and she almost did. It's not worth it!

Emily Stewart said...

I think that's a completely normal rant to have. Plus it's way more legit than my pet peeve which is listening to people chew. Is that normal? Eh, whatevs.

Danielle Gunter said...

Well said, idg.

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

How about texting without even looking down and never making a mistake? LOL
Yea that's me but I dont text and drive now I learned my lesson and I dont approve of any of my friends texting me and driving. B/c I'm not gonna be the cause of an accident. I'm not gonna be the last person they texted before something happens. and I dont understand that talk and txt deal. Either way it's all wrong.

Yea i loved the video Tim and them did as well. 1st time I saw it and when I saw the girl and all I balled my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

Texting and driving aggravates me. Do you really need to die or possibly kill someone else because you needed to know who has a crush on who? I heard about a possible new cell phone that won't operate inside a moving vehicle (due to some kind of sensor inside it). I hope that's real and that they become the standard.


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