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Military Mondays: Deployment Checklist

It's Monday, which means it's time for another installment of Military Mondays! I thought I would take today to share with you all a great checklist for any upcoming deployments. 

Deployment can feel like you've been dropped into a giant forest without a compass, or speaking to the modern-day reader, without an iPhone. Either way, it's a confusing, scary, and intimidating process. This checklist has been really helpful for me, so hopefully it will be helpful for anyone else about to take on that dreaded D word. 

A lot of this stuff is meant for the one deploying, but we all know they sometimes need a gentle nudge to get going on things. Even though a lot of this was his responsibility, I still found it really helpful to read over and double check him. You can't be too prepared!

Legal Considerations:

1. Do you have a will?
2. Is your record of Emergency Data (page 2) current?
3. Do you need to leave a medical authorization with the person who is caring for your dependent children?
4. Are all ID cards/DEERs enrollments current?

Financial Planning:

1. Do you have a written monthly spending plan?
2. Does you spending plan include amounts for:
         a. port visits (if on a ship)
         b. phone calls
         c. gifts/souvenir purchases
         d. utility bills
         e. savings
3. Does your spending plan include amounts for:
         a. sea pay (if on a ship)
         b. family separation allowance
         c. possible promotion during deployment
         d. re-enlistment bonuses or other special payments
4. Do you/your spouse have access to MyPay?
5. Are you enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan?
6. If married, do you both understand and agree to how finances will be handled during deployment?


1. If you plan to do your taxes while deployed, do you have all the records you will need?
2. Do you have a specific power of attorney if someone else will be doing your taxes?


1. How will you be making payments to your creditors? Do they all have your current address?
2. How will you be paying your rent/mortgage/utilities?
3. Are there any annual expenses due while you are deployed? If so, how will they be paid?
4. If married, have you decided who will be using which credit cards during deployment?
5. Is your renter's/homeowner's insurance current?


1. If single, do you have a safe place to store your vehicle or is someone taking care of it for you?
2. Are vehicle insurance, tags, registration/title, and base/inspection stickers current?
3. Is all routine maintenance current?
4. Have you left the name of a trusted mechanic with your family?

Emergency Plans:

1. Do you have at least one month's pay saved in case of financial emergency?
2. If married, does your spouse know how to access the TRICARE healthcare system?
3. Does your family know your official mailing address, command name, and social security number?
4. Does your family know how to use the American Red Cross in case of emergency?
5. Does your family have the name and number of the command ombudsman?
6. Does your family have a disaster preparedness plan and place to meet/call?


Katie said...

There are definitely so many things to think about! When my husband deployed a few years ago, I was even able to call USAA and put my husband's car "off the road" so we weren't paying insurance for it. (I don't know if they still do that) I just turned it on every so often and moved it from one spot in the driveway to another! Hope all of your deployment preparations are going smoothly - I know it's such a hard process. Stay strong, friend!


Anonymous said...

So thankful to have an ombudsman friend like you!!! :) Prayers for Parker's upcoming deployment!!! Text me if you need to chat!

Jenn @ Lost in the Right Direction said...

My head is spinning. I am the least prepared person ever so preparing for Josh's first deployment will definitely be interesting! This list is definitely super helpful :) Good luck to you and Parker as you prepare for his deployment!

Kate Mitchell said...

Wow! This is a LOT, which makes sense, but it's still wild to see it all written out. You and Parker are in my prayers. I know that you have a lot of support, but if you ever need more, you know how to contact me!

Jen said...

A deployment checklist is so important! I have a binder that I keep everything in to keep me situated.

Amy said...

dang. SO MANY things to consider when a deployment comes up - not just medical and financial like you would think, but those vehicle moments (dang) and the medical emergencies... all good points lady!


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