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DIY: New Mama Care Package

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With my sister expecting her first baby any day now, I wanted to put together a little New Mama Care Package for her to enjoy. She has had 3 baby showers and has more clothes for my precious nephew than she knows what to do with. That kid is set! These gifts focus on mama and are aimed specifically for those first few months as a brand new mama!

I was just on the phone with my sister yesterday as she was busily trying to find a spot for all of the baby's new things, so I tried to keep that in mind when putting together this care package. I didn't want to gift her 20 things that she would have to worry about finding room for, so I stuck to the essentials that will get her through the newborn stage.

1. A good book- I included "I said Yes" by Emily Maynard Johnson because I loved that book oh so much. The new mama will need to keep herself awake during those late night feedings!

2. Coconut oil- This might be one of the most diverse products on the planet, but she can specifically use this to soothe her stretched skin from baby taking up residence the past 9 months.

3. A new tumbler- Hydration is important, and I don't want her to forget to drink water when she's constantly tending to the new baby. I chose a tumbler that fits in a standard cup holder and has a straw for easy drinking!

4. A candle- I chose a candle called "Cozy Nights" because she is in for many cozy evenings with her new little bundle of joy. Hopefully the good smells will keep her calm and relaxed as she transitions to this new phase of life.

5. Body butter- I know personal hygiene takes a back seat when you're caring for a newborn 24/7, but I don't want her to forget to treat herself to the simple luxuries. A good smelling body butter will go a long way!

6. Poise Impressa Sizing Kit- Anyone who has had a baby knows that incontinence is a natural side effect of having babies. I included the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit because they are soft, flexible, and comfortable, and they are the first over-the-counter product cleared by the FDA for the temporary management of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

I also threw in the Poise Thin Shape Moderate Absorbency Pads to give that ultra-thin protection without the extra bulk! The thin-flex design moves with your body, so it's perfect for the new mama on the go!

Both of these items from Poise, along with so many other goodies that will be perfect for your New Mama Care Package, can be purchased at your local Rite Aid!

What are your must-haves to include in a New Mama Care Package?


Jen said...

This is such a sweet care package! :)

Lydia @ This Marine Wife said...

Lol! You hit the nail on the head! I never imagined I would need help with incontinence after kids. Now? Well, I think you might have seen my post. Lol!! I would also add chocolate . . . momma's best friend! (It's definitely one of my favorites!) Oh, and maybe print out a list of verses to be an encouragement to her on those night when she is feeling weary and weak (verses focusing on strength and rest in Christ). I love this care package!

Amy said...

such a great idea chelsea!! :)


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