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Things I Want To Remember: Week 36

Houston, we are 9 months pregnant! We are also officially having a February baby! I am so excited to share a birth month with our sweet little chunk. 36 weeks feels like a huge milestone, and knowing he could come anytime is both exciting and terrifying. Mostly exciting. ;)

The doctors officially decided they are not going to let me go past 39 weeks. If I make it to 39 weeks, they will either induce or schedule a c-section. Pretty crazy knowing the due date we have been counting down to is definitely not going to be his birthday!

Pelvic pain has been pretty rough this week. I think he has dropped, and we know he is head down, so I think his precious, giant head is crushing my pelvis a little bit. It hurts to walk, but I'm hanging in there and know the pain is temporary and totally worth it. 

I am still doing twice weekly NSTs (non-stress tests) to measure his reactivity. So far, he has been textbook perfect in every one, so that's a praise! I do these tests since I am poly, short for polyhydramnios I think? It just means there is extra amniotic fluid, so they are monitoring me and baby. All is good so far!

He is still a big mover and kicker, which I am really grateful for. Not only do I love feeling him move, but it gives me peace of mind that he's okay. Since I am poly, they tell me to count kicks and make sure I feel 5 in an hour. This will make anyone paranoid, but I don't really have to keep count because he is constantly moving. Thankful for that!

This is random, but my sweet tooth has been out of control lately. I didn't really crave or want sweets too much during the pregnancy, but lately all I want is dessert on dessert on dessert. The other night, I had a cupcake and then spent the next hour thinking about the cupcake and how I wanted another. Pathetic, party of one.

Another random, but I finally reached the point where I have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I know some people have to start getting up multiple times per night in the first trimester, and I was really surprised that I never had to up until now. Baby is sitting nice and comfortably, right on my bladder!

I didn't gain any weight this week (that's a first!), so I am still up 26 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. 


Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

I cannot believe he is going to be here in the next 3 weeks! So excited for you!!!

Jen said...

I wanted sweets like crazy at the end of my pregnancy too, it was so weird!

Bailey said...

I cannot believe he will be here so soon!!!


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