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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I write these Life Lately posts and realize nothing I'm writing about is too terribly exciting, yet I will look back on these days and miss these beautifully mundane moments so much. 

So here's life lately...

We took a family trip to the Botanical Gardens, and it was so neat! Parker isn't so keen on walking around flowers all day, but this Botanical Gardens had so many amazing birds that talked, danced, and that you could pet. Here Preston is petting a bird named Sweetie. So cute!

This picture just screams Texas to me. The water isn't the bluest, the grass isn't the greenest, and the sun is blazing hot, but this. is. home. 

Parker has been humoring me in my love for games, and this week we broke out Phase 10. I played all the time as a kid but hadn't played in 15+ years, so it was fun to relearn how to play. Parker read the rules for like 10 minutes... it's an elementary level game, you guys. 

Preston wasn't feeling well the other night and fell asleep in my arms at 6:15 PM. The cuddles are a little more rare in this toddler phase, so you can bet that I stayed there and snuggled that boy for an hour while he slept. It took me back to the baby stage and gave me all the feels!

When I finally decided to put that sweet boy in his crib, I walked into the living room to a husband and Chinese takeout. Bless him. Oversized t-shirts and Chinese takeout on the couch... just living the Friday night dream!

I have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy at least 3 times, and here I still find myself binge watching it yet again. I just love this show. This is one of the only shows that can bring me to tears over and over again. 

A Life Lately post wouldn't be complete without a little Jenny update. You guys, she is just the best big sister ever. I love her so much, and I love how much she loves her brother.

And lastly, I jumped into Preston's crib the other morning when I went in to get him up, and he thought it was so funny. I had never done this before, and he looked at my like I was nuts before breaking out into the cheesiest grin. It's the little things. 

 That's life lately!


Kait said...

Literally there is nothing better than Chinese takeout and I miss it SO much here in Hawaii - there are no good places!

Jen said...

He is so cute with that bird!!! :)


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