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Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Another weekend is upon us, and to keep things nice and easy on this fine Friday, here are 5 things that happened in our neck of the woods this week.

1. I asked Parker what he thought I should blog about, and his response was as follows: "You could blog about the weather and all this rain we've been getting". I got ready to laugh until I realized he was serious. He really wanted me to write a blog post about the rain. Husband, would you want to read a blog post about the rain??

2. We had a date night this week and saw A Simple Favor. I tend to think Blake Lively can do no wrong and Anna Kendrick is always funny, so I was so excited to see it! I loved it! Parker hated it!

3. I've started videoing my child's tantrums because I think they're funny. I'll just be over here filling out my application for mother of the year.

4. Jenny has gained the toddler 15... you know, the weight a dog gains from eating all the food said toddler drops onto the floor. I noticed the other day that she is eating less of her food, and now I realize it's because she's holding out for the good stuff that she knows her kid brother will drop. Well played, Jenny. Well played.

5. The weather has finally started to cool down, and if it weren't for the 10,000 mosquitoes that have taken up residence in our yard, we would be living outside there days. Ugh, shoot, I just blogged about the weather. Oh well, the south Texas mosquito infestation has been a big part of our week. I promise to have something slightly more riveting for you next week.

Have a great weekend! Our crew will probably be doing some variation of this. I'm not mad about it!


Unknown said...

For the record: I gave A Simple Favor a 7/10... I think a few tweaks would have made it good (instead of fine)

Amy said...

I've been wanting to see that movie for a while!!!

Jen said...

I am so ready for cooler weather!!! I feel likes it's so far away for us haha.

Kimber Scotland said...

Right there with you on the rain, the mosquitoes, and finding humor in your child's tantrums! Raya's cries are so sweet I like to watch her, laugh at how worked up she gets, and then cover her in mama kisses before I give her what she really wants (to nurse ;).
Love your updates!
Kimber Scotland


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