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Weeks 1-14

Now that we have announced this pregnancy, I want to do weekly bumpdates again just like I did with Taylor and Preston! They are fun to look back on and really help me keep things straight from week to week. I am going to do a blanket post on the first trimester and then start weekly updates with week 15. I announced our pregnancy at 14 weeks, so I kept notes on my phone of each week leading up to it.

Here's the first trimester with this sweet baby in a nutshell!

Week 4

We found out we are pregnant! Still feeling good and trying to eat as many vegetables as possible in case the nausea hits soon!

Week 5

I stopped craving sweets but otherwise feel okay!

Week 6

Aaaaand, nausea. Full on nausea hits, and I start having trouble eating anything. We travelled to Houston and told my family the good news! They were so excited! This week also started a 5 week trend of gagging every single time I opened the refrigerator.

Week 7

Still feeling really sick but craving fruits, fresh foods, and donuts. We got to see Parker's family and tell them the good news in person! They were excited too! I felt emotional this week and teared up really easily... hormones. ;) I also threw up for the first time ever in any of my pregnancies.

Week 8

I lived on yogurt parfaits. We flew to Virginia to see friends and had the best trip! I was sick, but honestly the nausea wasn't as bad in Virginia as it had been at home. There were different triggers at home that always made me feel sick (the refrigerator, all of the fast food restaurants in Kingsville, etc), and once I was in Virginia, I was away from those. I wanted to stay forever! Not 15 minutes after we got home from our trip, I threw up again. Welcome home. ;)

Week 9

Feeling nauseous and fatigued, and I found out at my doctor's appointment that I had lost 5 pounds. I was supposed to have an ultrasound this week, but the tech wasn't at work that day, so I found out at my appointment that I would have to wait another week. I am embarrassed to say that I started crying in the office. I apologized to the nurses for being so ridiculous, but hormones were through the roof and I was so sad I wouldn't get to see our baby that week! My doctor also told us that they would let me do the early chromosome blood test because of my history with Taylor, so they took blood for those tests. The tests would tell us if the baby is healthy and would also reveal the gender!

Week 10

Parker and I finally got to see our baby on the ultrasound! The heart rate was 167 bpm, and baby was the wiggliest little thing! It was amazing. I was still sick this week and wanting mostly sweet things. Lots of yogurt, fruit, and toaster strudel. I also got a phone call and found out we are expecting another healthy baby BOY!! We were thrilled!! We were also shocked! Because my cravings had been so different this time than they had with Preston, we were convinced we were having a girl! Another baby boy!!! (side note: I am literally 0-3 in predicting our children's genders. I thought Taylor was a boy, Preston was a girl, and this baby was a girl. I have terrible intuition)

Week 11

I am still sick this week but starting to feel slightly better! Yay!! I am usually in bed by 9 and asleep by 9:30 each night. Growing a human is hard work!

Week 12

I am feeling like a real human being again and craving any fresh food that I can get my hands on!

Week 13

As long as I eat every couple of hours, I feel like myself again! Praising God for a healthy first trimester and to be through the sickness. I truly love being pregnant, but being sick every second of the day for 2 months straight was tough, especially since I had a toddler to take care of. I know so many people are way sicker for way longer, so counting my blessings that it ended around week 13. I had another doctor's appointment, and the heartrate was 163 bpm. I gained 3 pounds since my last appointment but am still 2 pounds shy of my pre pregnancy weight.

Week 14

Eating avocado toast and paninis like they are going out of style, and I also made 2 batches of ambrosia salad! Parker has been gone for 2 weeks, and single parenting while pregnant has me feeling very tired! Without a doubt, the biggest difference between this pregnancy and last pregnancy has been caring for a toddler. When I was pregnant with Preston, Parker was deployed, so all I had to focus on was laying on the couch and growing a human. With this pregnancy, Parker travelled or worked late hours a lot of the first trimester, so taking care of Preston while feeling sick was tough.

That's the first trimester in a nutshell! If you made it through all of that, thanks for reading! ;)


Blooming Moms said...

I love reading bumpdates! Ahh, parenting a toddler while pregnant is the worst, ESPECIALLY when you're alone! Dan had a few TDYs and worked really long hours when I was pregnant with Josephine, and ohhhh boy! Those days were tough. Hang in there - you've totally got this!!

Kenzie said...

Bumpdates are so fun to read! I am so glad that your nausea is beginning to subside. I was so lucky to never have that happen (unless I went too long without eating). I couldn't imagine! You look so amazing ♥ My heart is so happy for you and Parker!


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