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Flounders, Friends, and Football

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and productivity. Parker's squadron (VT-3) had a social Friday night at Flounders that ended up being a blast! Some of our really good friends are in the same squadron, so I was relieved to know people and not be the awkward arm candy that tries not to say the wrong thing. There was a buffet, a fairly open bar, and good company. What more can you ask for as you unwind from a stressful week?

My drink of choice for the evening...some kind of strawberry deliciousness!

James, John, and Parker

Saturday was a perfect lazy day. I worked on my latest craft project, and Parker put some finishing touches on my birthday present (My birthday is Valentine's Day, and I will reveal it then. All I can say is I. CAN'T. WAIT.) Saturday night we had a sushi date with the Mullaney's and Sam and Troy...cue the food coma!

Sunday was the Super Bowl, so we had some friends over to watch football Beyonce and good commercials. I don't have allegiance to either team and really couldn't have cared less who won, but I love seeing friends and making excuses to get together.

Girls at the Super Bowl Party

Our little family :)

Jenny got to play with her friends Misty and Stella! Happy girl!

So glad Sam got to come to Pensacola for the weekend!!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend! Fun fact: more people call in sick from work the day after the Super Bowl than any other day of the year. Do you fall into this statistic? Happy Monday!


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