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Favorite Love Stories: Guest Post from Stephanie

I am really excited to be guest posting for Chelsea today! Thank you Chelsea for letting me take over the blog today.
I am Stephanie, and I blog over at Army Crafter. There really isn't just one niche on my space of the interwebs, but you can see a lot of posts on my experience as an Army spouse, mom to two boxers, and how I craft away the time. I hope to see you over there!
One other thing you will see from me are entertainment reviews. I grew up in a house where we celebrated the Oscars just as much as we did the Super Bowl. So it is safe to say I love movies, books, TV, and really anything theatrical.
Since February is all ablaze about celebrating love, I wanted to share my personal favorite love story movies. These are perfect for at-home date nights or for a typical slumber party ladies night.
Favorite Love Stories
These 5 are my all time favorite love stories in film.
  1. I am not surprised that two of Sandra's movies are in my top five. She is my favorite actress ever, and she did not disappoint in Hope Floats. This is a film that starts out with heartbreak as Birdee separates from her husband in the most awkward way. You see her and her daughter move back to her home town. This is a story where a woman discovers who she is without a man, but ends up finding her true love in the process. This movie is just so sweet and who doesn't love Sandy and Harry together? My favorite is the daughter Bernice though.
  2. When Harry Met Sally is a classic. This needs to be on everyone's must see list. Harry and Sally are friends for the longest time and in a constant debate of whether a man and woman can just be friends with no sexual attraction. It is a hilarious story about friendship and love that you just need to check out so I don't ruin the plot line for you. It may have been made in 1989, but the basics are still true today. Some jokes and fundamentals never change.
  3. I love all things Audrey Hepburn. Sabrina will always hold a special piece of my heart because this was the Senior show at my high school, and it was just great to perform on stage with several of my classmates in this wonderful bright story. This film is a Cinderella tale that follows the chauffeur's daughter as she blossoms into a beautiful (yet unrecognizable) young woman. She catches the eye of both Larrabee brothers upon her return from France. And the story tells about the hilarity that ensues of both attempting to romance her in their own ways. Just love it!
  4. Pretty Woman is fairly iconic. It remains one of my favorite Julia Roberts films, and it was really her breakout role. This is definitely a rags to riches story that follows the random meeting of Julia's character and Richard Gere's character. She is not your typical "street walker" and you see her quirky no-nonsense attitude as she spends the week with the business man. I promise you will have some laughs with this one.
  5. While You Were Sleeping is just perfectly sweet. Lucy believes she is in love with this stranger who comes through her train every day. She saves him from a mugger, and then meets his family awkwardly as she makes an under the breath comment that they were supposed to be married. As he is "asleep" she truly falls in love with his family as she is making up this other life with the coma dude. What happens as he slumbers is not only hilarious but it is full of love showing up in the most peculiar situations. This is one to swoon over.
Go To Love Stories
These are the films that I could just watch over and over and my go to pick up love stories. Most are absolutely cheesy RomComs, but I love them.
  1. Sweet Home Alabama is a quirky story following Melanie who is a Southerner turned New Yorker. She is engaged to marry New York royalty, but she has some business she has to take care of down south before this can happen. There are a few things standing in her way once she arrives such as her parents and her husband...yes I said her husband. It's a funny and easy movie to watch.
  2. Since I was a basketball player myself, it only seems natural that I used to watch this move like it was my job in high school. Love & Basketball follows two neighbor kids as they grow up and blossom into great athletes. It shows how they grew apart and grew together over and over again as they aged. It does have some uncomfortable moments as it shows the reality of the pressures of sports as well as love. Overall though, it shows how imperfect love can be and how strong the emotion can be for two individuals.
  3. What girl growing up in the 90s didn't like 10 Things I Hate About You? This is a modern day twist of Taming of the Shrew. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his early days, which now is such a joy to watch. The story is about two sisters and how they live very different lives in high school. They both have their own romantic lines and twists that are just funny to watch. And I have always wanted to have a date like the one in the paint throwing park!
  4. I am fairly positive that I own every Mandy Moore chic flick there is, but Chasing Liberty has to be my favorite. Anna is the First Daughter, and this is her coming of age story and how she found her own voice. The way she does that is running away from her Secret Service Agents, or so she thinks. She travels the country with Ben and you watch their relationship blossom. Pretty predictable, but a movie that ends with "Nessun Dorma" has got to be a good one!
  5. This movie may not be for other people, but I just love Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. It is a romantic comedy at it's best. I watched this probably once a week during the times of Tom and I's long distance relationship, so it is definitely a comfort for me. The cast is just perfect in every sort of way, and every scene just makes you happy. A small town girl wins a date with a huge Hollywood star. She is smitten with him, but you quickly see that he is just as smitten with her after their first encounter. I was always rooting for Pete though, who is the boy back home.
All photo credits are from imdb.com.
So there you have it, just a few of my favorite love stories. And yes this is just a few! I have almost a full book case of romantic comedies! I am a hopeless romantic, what can I say.
I hope you enjoyed my short reviews and that you found a new film to check out, or an old one to reconnect with.
Stories are what unite us all regardless of the season.
Thanks again for reading!
All the best,



Elizabeth Lynn said...

I'm kind of ashamed that I've only watched one of these. For the record though, I do love 'Sweet Home Alabama' and some of these are definitely on my list!! :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Best movies ever!

Jen Mc said...

These are some good movies and there are a few I need to see.
Thanks for sharing!

Ashley - Married to the Game said...

These are all such great movies! I used to LOVEEE Love and Basketball! Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Great choices, Stephanie! I love Chasing Liberty!

Jennie said...

I love these movies! I totally want to go watch them now! I think sabrina awhile you where sleeping are my favorites! I have never seen hope floats! Ill have to see if it is on netflix! =)

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I've watched 8 of the 10 movies.


Miranda Pridgeon said...

So many good movies! I haven't seen all of them but of the ones I have seen; Love and Basketball is my favorite! =]

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Great guest post! So many great movies!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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