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Let's Talk About Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day may be the most controversial holiday there is. I'm sure it's not, but let's go with it. Some people look forward to the day like it's Christmas morning, and some people dread it like it's the plague. Everyone is different, but history states you love the holiday if you have a significant other and scoff at "single awareness day" if you're single. I completely get both sides and personally have never been a big fan of the holiday. I absolutely loved it as a kid because of course school parties are a blast, and it was fun to give little valentines to your classmates. As an adult, I can do without it.

I love celebrating love. It's a beautiful thing to have someone you love and care about. Marriage is a beautiful thing. Parker and I used to joke that every night as a young married couple is date night. To an extent, that's true. We don't have kids, so if he isn't flying or studying, it really is date night. We aren't at a stage in our life where we need a national holiday to tell us it's okay to go out to dinner. When we have a brood of Phelplets running around, I may be counting down to Valentine's Day and a chance to get out of the house with Parker. For now, I'm good.

Probably the biggest reason I don't care too much about the holiday is that it happens to fall on my birthday. My twin sister and I were Valentine's babies, so Valentine's Day is always a really fun day for us. We get to have a birthday! Like I mentioned above, we loved it as kids because we had class parties on our birthday. That was pretty hard to beat! We never cared if we had a boyfriend in middle school or high school on Valentine's Day because it was our birthday. We were celebrating regardless! 

It's funny, because when people find out my birthday is on Valentine's Day, they either think Parker won the lottery or drew the worst poker hand of all. Some think it's a terrible fate for Parker since he has to make it twice as special, and others think he gets off easy because he gets it all out of the way in one day. Here's the truth: Parker and I feel the same way about Valentine's Day. It's not really a real holiday in our eyes. Will I have little chocolates and a stuffed toy waiting for Parker and Jenny on Valentine's Day morning? Sure I will, but that's really the extent of the love celebrating. I've got some turning 25 to do instead!

Just for fun, here's a little throwback from Valentine's Day/my birthday circa 2010.

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How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
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Kirst Semler said...

Happy birthday to you on Friday! I was always ok with not having someone to celebrate with Valentines Day but I was normally working on that day so it didn't matter to me. But Now it's special since Valentines day was the Day my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. So we celebrate that instead! But I agree you don't need a holiday to tell you when to go out to dinner!

Brianna said...

Happy almost birthday! And I totally agree - you should celebrate your love for your significant other EVERY day, not just when society tells you to. And the jacked up prices for a dinner out are for the birds! I admit that I like the flowers and 'extra' love that we celebrate on Valentine's Day, but the world would be fine without it, too!

Unknown said...

Happy early birthday! Valentines day is my dads birthday so it really never was a holiday to me either. It was always spent celebrating my dad!

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday! I feel the same way about Valentine's Day-- I don't think you need a special holiday to celebrate love, but that doesn't mean I would't celebrate it anyway!

Kym Fox said...

That's so fun that you're born on VDay!! I see a lot of people on social media who complain about valentine's day ... however I think it's a beautiful thing to celebrate love -- and it doesn't have to be with a boyfriend or a husband ... it can just be expressing how much you love your mom or your best friend or your grandmother. I don't think it's a "couples only" holiday :) xo

Jamie Hart said...

I'm on the same page here.. it's just another day for me-- I want my love to be celebrated every day. And I love that it's your birthday. Super fun :)

Jen said...

Happy almost Birthday! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day..we do our best to celebrate love everyday. :)

Ashley - Married to the Game said...

I feel the same way as you about Valentine's Day! I don't need a national holiday to express my love to my fiance or to tell me that it's okay to go out to dinner. We will probably stay in on Valentine's day and I'm more than happy to stay home. That's cool that your birthday is on Valentine's Day!

Ashley, Married to the Game

ps- did you get the link of that necklace that I sent you?



I am with you on this topic... 100% My Birthday is also on Valentines Day.

Although, not having a twin, I have kind of always hated my birthday. My 21st birthday, was just all of my guy friends and I out to dinner and bars.

So yes I agree you are always celebrating, it just is hard to get anyone to want to do anything!

So Happy Birthday to you and your sister! You both are one year older than myself!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

Happy almost birthday Chelsea and Danielle!!! I completely agree that's not really a holiday but I do really enjoy the conversation hearts and chocolate!

Kenzie Smith said...

Well happy almost birthday to you!! I agree that Valentine's Day is a little controversial - you either love it or hate it. You're either all for it, or against it. Ha ha. I don't mind Valentine's Day because last year we spent it at the tattoo shop, and that's where we will be this year!

Ashley said...

Happy early birthday! I like Valentine's day, but I can take it or leave it. It's not a huge deal to me, but I do like to celebrate if I can.

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

For reasons known to me, this Valentine's has felt overwhelming. I love my husband and I don't need a day to help me along that path. I like the day for it's cutesy stuff but other than that I can do without it. It made me smile though, when I read the line that it's you and your twins birthday. How cute!! How fun for your parents to have you on a day like Valentines despite everything I just said. Now that's cute!!!! And I wouldn't mind having a baby or two on Valentines Day :) Happy Love-Birth Day!


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