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The Boy Behind The Blog: Norfolk Edition

I always like coming up with questions for Parker to half-willingly answer each month, and I thought it would be fun to do a Norfolk-themed Boy Behind the Blog. There is a chance we are going to be here for quite a while longer, but there is also a chance we are leaving very soon. While the Navy chews on that decision and draws out the verdict, here are some of Parker's thoughts on our home for the past 8 months.

Questions and answers (my responses to his answers are in gold):

What is your favorite thing about Norfolk?
Probably the history of the area
I'd have to agree. There is so much history surrounding us, and that is pretty unique from where we have been stationed in the past. 

What will you miss the most if we move?
Our friends
This is always the hardest part of moving. We have met some wonderful people here that we will definitely miss if we move. 

What will you miss the least if we move?
Gate traffic
Yall, Norfolk may have the most poorly designed roads in America. They are just awful and make absolutely no sense. Norfolk is large, but not that large, and a good civil engineer could have really prevented a lot of the traffic we experience on a daily basis.

What is your favorite local restaurant?
Is this local? No. Would I have said the same thing? Yes. We go to Chilis more than any couple should. The waitress knows us. This is our life. 

How do you say "Norfolk"?
He pronounced it like the locals say "New Orleans" (Nawlins), but that's not actually how he says it in casual conversation. People pronounce this city 10 different ways. I still don't know which is correct.

What's been your favorite thing about all of the snow days?
Not having to study or go into work
It was really nice having him home more. There were a lot of moving nights coupled with hot chocolate drinking in the last month, and I can't say I'm too mad about that. That said, come on Spring! Winter, you hold off for a good long while. 

That's all folks!

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Cayte Brown said...

oh. my. gosh. the roads are terrrrrible here! WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!

Janelle Cook said...

Ahh, yes, leaving friends is tough. When will you guys find out if you're staying or moving? We move in a little over a year, and I am SO ready already, haha.

Kirst Semler said...

I agree about gate traffic. We live 2 miles from base and when my husband was home it would take 30 minutes to get onto base! Ha I have also been corrected several different ways how to pronounce it!

Jen said...

Gate traffic is always the worst, I'm so glad we on post because Kyle's hours are crazy and going through the gates can be a pain.

Bailey Kay said...

Norfolk has one of the weirdest pronounciations ever!

Julie Dayton said...

I lived in Richmond for 12 years and I always pronounced it "Norfik", but "Norfuk" was popular too :)

Stephanie said...

The Chili's may not be a local restaurant. There is a national chain called Chili's. If it is this national chain you need to try the molten chocolate cake. It doesn't matter if you don't have room, this needs to be ordered. It is my favorite dessert on the planet!


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