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5 Easy Ways To Save Money At Target

I should probably start this off by saying this post is not sponsored by Target. Target has absolutely no idea who I am, but boy do I love me some Target! Target is just happiness, and I could easily spend 2 hours walking up and down the aisles. I love the dollar section, I love the clothes, and I think I own half of their Fall shoe line. 

If you know me, you also know I love to save money. I like to find the most cost-effective ways to do things and love to feel like I'm getting a deal. Since I am an avid Target shopper, I have figured out a few cost-cutting tricks to help me enjoy my favorite store without the guilt. Here are my 5 favorite ways to save money at this magical place called Target, aka God's gift to women:

1. The Cartwheel App

Please tell me you have heard of the Cartwheel App. You probably have, but it bears mentioning anyway. It's a free app on your smartphone with offers on items you were already going to buy anyway. Items rotate out, but I have gotten 50% off of clothes and shoes, and so many cosmetics, housewares, decorative items, and food are 5-20% off each week. You select the product you are buying in the app, and the app generates a barcode. Have the cashier scan this barcode at the register, and the difference instantly comes off your bill. Download it, yall. 

2. The Target REDcard

Now before you write this one off because you don't want a credit card, listen to this: you can get the REDcard as either a credit or a debit card. With the REDcard, you get 5% off every single purchase plus free shipping at Target.com. Seriously yall... 5% off each trip. It's free money! You also get 90 days to return anything bought with your REDcard, and you don't need a receipt. I don't ever get store credit cards, but I love the Target REDcard debit option. It comes straight out of my account just like a regular debit card would, and there are no annual fees or anything like that. Again, it's free money. 

3. The Ibotta App

This smartphone app is not specific to Target, but it can be used at Target. It actually applies to nearly all grocery, convenience, pharmacy, etc. stores. You earn cash back on items you were going to buy anyway and can get a gift card or paypal credit once you hit $20. This is another one that's just free money. One of the ways to cash in your earnings is a Target gift card... yes please. 

4. Know the Target Markdown Schedule

If an item is on clearance, there is a chance it will be even further marked down. If the clearance price ends in an 8, it will be marked down again. If the price ends in a 4, that's the lowest it will go. This can always vary, but as a general rule of thumb, here is the markdown schedule:

Monday: electronics, kids' clothing, accessories, stationary, books, and baby
Tuesday: women's clothing, pets, and food
Wednesday: men's clothing, health & beauty, garden, and toys
Thursday: housewares, shoes, toys, lingerie, sporting goods, decor, and luggage
Friday: cosmetics, auto, hardware, and jewelry

5. Shop The Holiday Clearance Section

Target has the cutest holiday stuff. I gush and gush over their Christmas section each year! One of the best times to buy holiday items is the week after the holiday because it's all so marked down. It may not be as fun to buy Christmas decor the last week of December, but your wallet will thank you and it'll be waiting for you next year!

1 Day After The Holiday: 50% off goods, 30% off candy and food
3-4 Days After The Holiday: 75% off goods, 50% off candy and food
1 Week After The Holiday: 90% off goods, 50% off candy and food

Are you as obsessed with Target as I am? Please tell me you have seen how cute their Halloween-themed dollar section is right now!


Melissa said...

Target is my greatest vice - and their boy clothes are the best! Their Cat & Jack line has my soul <3 thanks for all the tips!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Target is amazing. Those markd down days are really helpful. Thank you!

Jen said...

Yes to all of these!!! Especially the Red Card and markdown days! They are the bests.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Oh how I love Target! We do our grocery shopping at Super Target as well, and between their already lower prices, our Target Debit Card, and Cartwheel we definitely save a bunch of money! I'm not a fan of store credit cards either, but Target and Nordstrom both have debit cards which are perfect. All the benefits of a store card without the fees/interest :)
Green Fashionista

Carly said...

So many great tips-- I've had some really good clearance finds on clothes and things after the holidays! Also definitely going to check out the Ibotta app for grocery shopping!

Bailey said...

I bought my Halloween costume for this year after last Halloween from Target for like 75% off!

Janelle Cook said...

Our only Target here is about 20 minutes away and super small compared to what I've seen in the past, so I'm not as much of a fan as I have been in the past. I loved Target at our last base because it was a mile from our house and huge! This one hardly even has a dollar spot... it's pretty sad. Hopefully our next location will have a bigger and better one! :)

Patty said...

This is great and helpful! My Mom and sister and I always are sure to hit up Target the day after Christmas, so many good deals!

Lisa C said...

We went to Target two weeks ago because I needed a travel bottle of contact solution before a trip. We spent $100. No self control.

Amy said...

i really do need to remember that clearance schedule!


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