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8 Things That Don't Suck About Deployment

Alright yall, let's call a spade a spade. Deployment kind of sucks. I mean really, it's terrible. Nobody gets married thinking "yay, he's going to leave me for X number of months to go somewhere dangerous!". It's just not ideal. I have a good friend that described deployment as "unnatural", and that's probably the best one-word description you could use. You get married to do life together, and deployment throws a kink in that. 

That said, I am a firm believer that we are in control of our outlook, and finding the positives amidst even the worst situations will do a world of good. So for anyone with an upcoming deployment or who is currently going through deployment, here are 8 things that don't suck about deployment.

1. You have 100% control over the TV. 

Go watch 9 months worth of chick flicks and enjoy it. Binge watch all the Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Parenthood your heart can handle. 

2. Dishes? Leave them, girl. 

It's just you in the house, so leave those dishes in the sink and don't feel guilty about it. They will still be there tomorrow, and no one will know. ;)

3. You learn to appreciate the little things. 

Whether it's a Skype call, an email, or a text, hearing from your deployed spouse makes your day. It's easy to take for granted the luxury of texting throughout the day or doing every day things together, but you realize just how much of a gift that is once it stops. 

4. Cooking becomes a thing of the past. 

You're just one person- pop that frozen dinner in the microwave and bon appetit! If you feel like cooking every once in a while, make dinner at the beginning of the week and enjoy the leftovers all week long. A little break from cooking is always nice!

5. You grow closer to your fellow military spouses.

Most squadrons deploy together, meaning the other wives will become your deployment ride or die. Nobody understands what you're going through quite like your fellow military spouses. The bonds you will form during deployment are so strong!

6. You can grow closer to your husband.

I said "can" because this is one of those things that may take a little extra effort. Deployment forces you out of your comfort zone, and your communication skills, patience, and love for each other will be tested like it hasn't been before. If you work on prioritizing your marriage through deployment, it really can make you stronger!

7. You get to be selfish.

Especially if you don't have kids, deployment is an opportunity to focus on you. Take a photography class, learn how to cook, read 30 books... just do something for yourself. As much as you may rather be serving your husband, he isn't around for that, so do something for you. 

8. Homecoming. 

Is there anything better than homecoming? It's the moment you've been dreaming of since the day your husband left, and it's absolutely worth the wait. There is nothing sweeter than reunion day!

I'm not trying to tell you that deployment is sunshine and roses, but there are positives, just like in every situation, if you are willing to see them. You'll have a better deployment experience for it!


Caravan Sonnet said...

As always- you inspire me! Thank you for reminding me today to see the best in every situation!!

Melissa said...

I sure love this! Ryan is deploying this winter, and while I hate deployments, we find that it actually makes us become closer to one another, simply because you can't take anything for granted! <3

Bailey said...

When Andy and I was dating and engaged, I only saw him on the weekends so literally every weekend was ALL ABOUT HIM. (Not that that's a bad thing!) But now that we're married, I still have this same mentality, like I have to focus only on him when he's home. We're not facing a deployment yet, but an unusually high number of CQ shifts in these past few weeks and in the upcoming weeks. I've been trying to do ALL THE THINGS on the days/nights he's at work for 24 hours-- like work on my scrapbook and other stuff that I hate to do when he's home. Anyway, kinda a long story but same mentality! So glad you're looking on the bright side of deployment.

Jen said...

I definitely think it's important to look at the brighter side during deployment or else you will find yourself miserable all the time.

Nicole B. said...

These are great things to focus on as we prepare for our first deployment this winter, too. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

those are seriously some great good things!
the cooking part!
now that i'm looking at marriage i'm all "i have to cook, and my sweet potato and eggs won't work every night even though i eat them" hahah. like i LIKE to cook, but i haven't been really cooking!

Janelle Cook said...

I love this. It's important to focus on the positives as well so you don't get lost in all the "suckiness" that comes along with being a milso sometimes!

Unknown said...

So many great points! As much as I hated my husband being overseas for a year, I really did love all the time I had to focus on myself. I've always been in long term relationships (5 years with my high school boyfriend, 2 with my college boyfriend and now 3 so far with my husband) so I've never had that time to myself before. I was able to focus on my mental and physical health and was even able to finish my bachelors degree. I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

xo, Keating | Mimosas and Manicures

Stephanie said...

Yes to all this! I never cooked for myself when Tom was deployed. Luckily I had a job on campus that provided me a meal plan so I always had take out for dinner. It was the best, and then to go home to all my TV shows. You have to make the best of it!


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