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Blogger Q&A

It's been ages since I did a Q&A, and with several new faces around this little space (welcome!), I thought there was no time like the present to change that. Here are 10 perfectly random questions that I thought were light and fun. And here's a picture of me (Chelsea, if we haven't met!) and Parker (my main squeeze) that I pulled from the archives. 

1. Are you named after anyone?
I am not. My parents wanted my siblings and me to have our own unique names, so they didn't give us family names. I love my name though!

2. When is the last time you cried?
Hmm, a couple of days ago? I cried a lot when my nephew was born 11 days ago but have probably cried since. Pregnancy hormones are real, and I always tear up on Sunday mornings at church thinking about Taylor Grace. I didn't used to be a crier!

3. What is your favorite lunch?
Currently, a panini with turkey and cheese. I eat one every day and really look forward to it. My sister teases me because I eat lunch at 10 AM but honestly, I'm just hungry all the time. I'm in that stage of pregnancy where I cannot seem to get full, and I look forward to my hot sandwich more than anything else!

4. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No, but I untie them before I put them back on. I don't want to mess up the heels but am too lazy to untie them when I take them off, so I pay for it when I go to put them on again. 

5. Do you think you're smart?
I've learned there is no set definition of "smart". I think I am socially smart, fairly creative, and a decent writer if I put forth the effort. Math and science aren't my strong suits... that would be my husband!

6. What is the first thing you notice about people?
This is weird, but I instinctively look down at someone's left hand upon meeting them to see if they are married. Knowing this fact changes nothing about how I will interact with them, but for some reason it is the first thing I notice about a stranger. 

7. What is your favorite smell?
Parker, Jenny, and desserts baking in the oven. 

8. What is your natural hair color?
I have never dyed my hair, so what you see is what you get! I have always described my hair as dirty blonde. Parker thinks this is silly and says it is light brown. I secretly think he's right, but I'm too stubborn to change my position on it after all these years. In my defense, my hair does lighten up a lot in the Summer!

9. What is your favorite food?
This is a hard question to answer when pregnant because most of my favorite foods stopped sounding good early on. Traditionally, I am a big fan of anything with cheese or anything with chocolate. 

10. What is your current Netflix show of choice?
Grey's Anatomy. Yall, I need help. I have seen this entire show through once before but for some reason decided to start it all over again and can't stop watching. There are so many good shows that I have never seen, and I can't stop watching the one I have!

Happy hump day yall! Halfway to the weekend!


Melissa said...

I love reading these! I think I'll need to follow suit and do something similar (if you don't mind) and totally link to you, as well! I love that your parents named you your own names…it's so nice to have a name with nothing tied to it :)

Bailey said...

I have dirty blonde/light brown hair as well and I call it by both names. I suddenly got hooked on a Netflix addiction and sit down with a few episodes each night. I just finished Fixer Upper, Lakefront Beach House, Young and Hungry Season 4, and have started Half-Price Paradise, NCIS Season 13, and Andy and I are still going through The Office. It helps that I have my TV and Roku hooked up right in front of the treadmill!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I'm addicted to Grey's and have watched since Season 1. Hate I'm gonna miss half of season 13 due to being an adult. :( But yes definitely branch out. I'm watching Once Upon a Time and I'm hooked.

there's also Hart of Dixie, Fuller House, Young & Hungry, Baby Daddy, The Fosters, Ghost Whisperer, Heartland, New Girl, Charmed, Saved by the Belly, That 70's Show, H20 Just add Water, Freaks and Geeks, and they have great christian based movies on there and other movies as well. I see they have Zootopia and I highly recommend it. It's awesome. Enjoy girl. have a great week.

Jen said...

I always look at a person's left hand too! Like you said it's a way to know how to go about conversations.

Anonymous said...

Hate to admit it... but I also just recently watched ALL of Grey's. Again. So many things I could/should have been doing... but it's just SO GOOD! I didn't think I'd like all the new characters, but now they're my fictional buddies! Lol.


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