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Things I Want To Remember: Week 26

I am posting this bumpdate a little earlier than I usually do in the week, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday, today seemed like a good day to recap week 26! I turn a new week on Saturdays, so I am almost halfway through week 26- nuts!

 1. I don't really have abs anymore, so getting up or rolling over takes more effort than it used to. Ab muscles have been replaced by a very giant belly!

2. I was on the phone with Parker this week, and he randomly asked if I had just walked up the stairs. I replied "yep, how did you know?". "Because you're all huffy and out of breath". #embarrassed #pregnancyishard

3. His movements are still strong and so much fun. I love watching my belly move around from the outside. It's just the coolest!

4. Baby Phelps attended his first Aggie game in utero this past weekend. There were two little boys in front of us playing and watching the game, and it got us so excited to take Emmett (my nephew) and baby P to games when they are older. Class of 2039!


Kate Mitchell said...

It is SO great to see these posts! I get a kick every time (as I'm sure you do because obviously) and I'm just so happy for you. It's wild to see your pregnancy progress, especially because other than Instagram you mostly talk about being pregnant in these posts. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and yay Baby P and LITB <3

Jen said...

I love reading these posts it makes me so so happy! You aren't far away from meeting your little one. :)


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