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Things I Want To Remember: Week 33

I feel like week 33 has been really eventful in a good way, thankfully! So many emotions/things happening, so here's what week 33 of pregnancy has looked like with our sweet growing boy...

I had a doctor's appointment last week at 32w5d, and Parker got to come with me! It was his first appointment for baby boy, so we both loved that he got to attend. It was quick, but he did get to hear the heartbeat. He loved it! I was measuring right on track at 32 weeks, and the heartbeat was in the 140s.

I gained 4 more pounds, bringing my total weight gain to 25 pounds. I'm pretty sure I will be past 30 when all is said and done, but honestly, that's fine. I have been pretty consistently gaining about a pound a week, so I was surprised when I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm healthy and baby is healthy, so that's all that matters!

The past couple of weeks, I have noticed our little guy getting the hiccups a lot more. It's so fun to feel the rhythmic hiccups. They are either very low (making me think he is head down) or on my right side (making me think he is doing flips in there). 

He still moves all the time, and Parker gets to feel him daily. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have Parker home for this last stage of pregnancy. He is so sweet and protective of me and the bump. I just love it. 

One of my best friends, Ali, was pregnant with twins and due on the same day as me. It has been so fun getting to go through every stage of pregnancy together. Her sweet twins were born at 33w4d healthy, praise God! I knew they would probably come earlier than our son since they are twins, but it was a reminder that our guy could really come any time. I'm definitely getting more anxious for delivery now that it is so close, but I know God has the perfect birth plan laid out for us. We are praying for a safe and healthy delivery for both me and our son and would love for you to pray this along with us!

Parker built the baby's changing table this week, so we can finally start assembling the nursery! He did the best job! I will post pictures when we have it all put together!

I have reached the point where any and all strangers ask when I am due or comment on how big I am. I don't mind one bit... I am pretty big! A lot of these people also tell me they don't think I will make it to my due date. We will see if they are right. Who knows?!

At this point, I feel every bit of 33 weeks. Indigestion is at an all time high, and pelvic/hip/groin pain has been pretty bad. I'll take it though. I have 7 weeks or less to go, and our baby is doing great. The hard symptoms are temporary and worth every minute. 


Bailey said...

Wow, so exciting that Baby Boy could come any time now!!!! Prayers for a safe, healthy delivery!!!

Emily Stewart said...

You are the prettiest pregnant lady! I can't wait to see that sweet baby! And hooray for Parker getting to come to an appointment!

Jen said...

You are adorable! Don't worry about the weight gain as long as you and baby are healthy that's all that matters. :)

Stephanie said...

You look amazing! Glad things are going so well.


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