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Things I Want To Remember: Week 34

This week of pregnancy has been so much fun and one of my favorites yet! I am still huge, exhausted at the thought of climbing stairs, etc. etc., but so many exciting things happened this week and I've loved every minute of it.

I had an ultrasound this week to check on how our little guy is measuring and positioned, and Parker got to be there too! This was his first ultrasound with our son, so it was extra special for us. Let's just say, our little guy is not so little! His head and abdomen are measuring at 37 weeks (a full 3 weeks ahead!), he is estimated to already be 6 lb 8 oz, and he is in the 92nd percentile for his gestational age. We love our big guy!

They turned on the 3D/4D machine, and I teared up seeing his sweet little features. He's just so perfect already.

The ultrasound tech could also tell that he has a head full of hair (it's so amazing what they can tell on those screens!), which explains the horrible indigestion I've had the last 8-10 weeks.

I actually lost 1.5 pounds since my appointment last week, which makes my total pregnancy gain +23 pounds. It's crazy to think that over 6 of those pounds are our chunky little babe!

My amniotic fluid levels came back borderline on the scale of being too high. My nurse sister had prepped me for this possibility since my belly has been so big the last few weeks. We are doing NSTs (non-stress tests) twice a week now to check baby's reactivity, and then I will have an ultrasound in a week to check the fluid levels again. The first NST went great, and they said he was textbook perfect. The doctors aren't concerned and we aren't either, but it is something they are going to closely monitor, which I appreciate.

At this point, we are just going to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. He is measuring very big, so the doctor was very realistic about the possibility of a c-section if he continues to grow. She also said the amniotic fluid levels could result in a c-section if they become more excessive. Everything is so unknown right now in terms of delivery, so a lot will depend on if my body goes into labor early or not and what happens with the fluid levels. He is head down and expected to stay that way, so both types of delivery are still a possibility at this point. I know God has the perfect birth plan already orchestrated for our son, so I am trusting him and just going with the flow. 

We had the nursery painted this week and are slowly getting it all set up! I will post pictures when we are finished. :) I'm absolutely loving it so far... it has quickly become my favorite room in the house.


Jen said...

I always loved the whispy hairs on E's head in ultrasound photos lol. It was too cute.

The girls said...

I always LOVED my ultrasounds! Being higher risk, I got tons of them. This last time, starting at about 30 weeks, the OB would marvel at the size of our little one's head. As it got closer, I could tell she was a little horrified/worried for me. Lol. And she was right to be. Just shy of 9 pounds, from my 5'0 frame. :) I always had TONS of amniotic fluid because I drink an obscene amount of water; never hindered labor a bit. GOOD LUCK! You're getting so close!

Bailey said...

It's so unreal that Baby could be here anytime now!!!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

8 or less weeks until he is here! Loved following a long. God does have an awesome birth plan already created for your guys!

Kate Mitchell said...

Eek! So many smiles and happiness. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well.

Stephanie said...

I actually liked having to do the NSTs. One more check on my baby that I could see that he was fine. Glad they are keeping an eye on things, and that you are having a go with the flow attitude. I don't think any labor goes "as planned."

Juliana said...

Thanks for this bloog post


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