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What I've Learned From Having A Newborn (On A Lighter Note...)

Earlier this month, I shared what I've learned from having a newborn. That post could be an ever-evolving series, because I feel like I learn something new about my new role every day. Motherhood is a minute to minute journey, and I've found that what worked yesterday may not today. This cute kid keeps me on my toes, that's for sure! Here are 10 other things I've learned from having a newborn, on a lighter note...

I can pick up almost anything with my toes. I have a kid in my arms 99% of the time... desperate times calls for desperate measures, yall.

Nap time is your one chance to get things done. They say to sleep when the baby sleeps, but having both hands free to clean, prep meals, and do laundry means you do all of the above in overdrive before that precious baby wakes up again.

Showering is a small victory. When Parker asks what I did that day, if I showered, I include it in my list of accomplishments. Because it is.

You want your baby to go down for a nap so you can get things done, but then you miss them while they sleep and sit there waiting for them to wake up. It's a vicious cycle.

You secretly curse anyone that ever said breastfeeding is easy. They big fat lied to your face.

You wish more people posted on Instagram at 3 AM. You need entertainment for those middle of the night feedings.

You become the worst at responding to texts. Ever. Seriously, I will go several days before I respond to a text. The worst.

Changing diapers is second nature and doesn't even phase you. It's just another thing you do during the day... and in the middle of the night.

You check the weather 15 times a day because you are desperate for a little fresh air, but conditions have to be perfect for you to take that brand new baby out of the house.

Your new boss is pretty demanding, but you've never wanted to work so hard for someone. Best. Job. Ever. 


Jen said...

I never followed the sleep while your baby sleeps either. There was always too much to get done haha.

Emily said...

Once you have a second child you can't sleep while they sleep so I didn't waste my time with that on the first. Breastfeeding is no joke and God bless the ladies that do it effortlessly. I quit with both my kids after 6 weeks of unimaginable pain. Even my Dr and the kids pediatrician begged me to give up.

Kimber Scotland said...

This post was absolutely hilarious and fantastic!! I love your blog posts and keeping up with y'all. :)
Kimber Wassenberg

Stephanie said...

Yes to all of this! I never slept when the baby slept during the day either. It felt so much better to get some things done during that time sans baby in my arms. Also breastfeeding is a like running a marathon that you never trained for. NOT EASY. Solidarity sister.


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