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9 Years

Today marks 9 years since Parker asked me to be his girlfriend. Or did he actually ever ask? I honestly can't remember. I'll rephrase... today marks 9 years since Parker and I became "Facebook official". So romantic, right? Nevertheless, May 1, 2008 is the day we officially started dating. It's crazy that 9 whole years have passed, but here we are!

Parker and I met at Texas A&M University during our freshman year. He was in the Corps of Cadets and in the same company as a guy I went to high school with. My friend from high school introduced us, and we started casually talking and hanging out. Fun fact: the friend from high school is now my brother-in-law. He married my twin sister 6 weeks before Parker and I were married!

Parker and I briefly dated in the Fall of our freshman year before I decided we were both too busy and broke it off. I still liked him, but the timing just never seemed right. Another fun fact: Parker and I broke up twice during our dating days. I did it the first time, and he did it the second time. Most people don't know that, but we were babies and really had no clue how to do the whole relationship thing. Fast forward a few months to Spring of our freshman year, and I asked Parker to my Delta Gamma Formal. He was my date, we held hands on the bus, and we were officially dating a few days later. Shockingly enough, Nicholas Sparks hasn't come knocking on my door asking to turn our story into his next great best seller. All kidding aside, we love how we met and wouldn't change a second of our story. 

It's been an amazing 9 years with high highs and some low lows, but I've honestly loved every minute of it. I am a firm believer that even after you get engaged and married, you never stop dating. Even with a baby now in the mix, we still go on as many dates as we can and cherish whatever time we do get. 9 years down, forever to go!

For fun, here are some dating throwbacks from the good old college days!


Jen said...

It's amazing how fast the time flies by. :) Happy 9 years!

Janelle Cook said...

Aw! Congrats! How fun! :)

Bailey said...


Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Awww! Love your story. Fun photos!


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