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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I like to go through my phone every couple of weeks to document what "life lately" looks like for us. I take random pictures throughout the day and then forget about them completely by the time I go to sleep (we all do that, right?). These posts are a nice excuse to pull out the Photos app and see what I actually captured! Here's a little look at life lately in our neck of the woods...

Here's a nice little relaxing moment amidst the daily chaos. Preston was sleeping, Jenny was hanging out with me, and I was quietly doing my Bible study. Ahh, bliss. I'm sure 5 seconds after I took this, my baby woke up, but it was sweet and peaceful while it lasted! ;)

Speaking of that cute baby, I just can't get enough of this view. We both love our daily walks!

Parker came into the nursery to hang out with me while I fed Preston. I looked over on the chaise lounge a few seconds later and saw this. He was asleep on the job, and I guess Jenny thought he needed company. So sweet. 

I was digging through my gift wrap stash to wrap a present, and I found this bag. It belonged to Parker's great grandmother and has been in the family since way before I was around. I opened it and found a receipt from 1989! I thought that was so cool!

I love this candid shot Parker snapped at Bible study the other night. These girls have been such a blessing to me! We were saying goodbye to one of our friends who was moving, and she brought wine for everyone at the table, so that's why there are so many bottles of wine on the table!

Typical life over here: Preston is playing, and Jenny is eyeing him in equal parts curiosity and annoyance.

The USS Bush returned a few days ago, and I got to watch several of my friends reunite with their husbands! Nothing better than homecoming day!

Sunday was a big day for me. It was my first time dropping Preston off at the church nursery during church! He was getting a little too vocal for big church, and of course he would be happier in the nursery, but it broke my mama heart dropping him off! Parker had a harder time with it than he expected too!

Like I said, it was a hard morning... so I coped with donuts. You win some, you lose some. 

That's life lately!


Caravan Sonnet said...

Such great fun pictures!! OH my goodness the little adorable rolls on your precious one are so cute!! Thanks for sharing a bit of life lately with us! :) Rebecca

Jen said...

I remember leaving E for the first time I wanted to run back into the room and grab her haha. I'm glad you finally put him in the nursery though, I'm sure he loved it! :)

Bailey said...

I cannot believe Preston is big enough for church nursery!!!

Melissa said...

Spencer STILL doesn't let me drop him off at nursery! What can I say? I totally indulge him because he's my nugget <3 look how big your little darling is getting!


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