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Baby Registry Tips For A First Time Mom

When I set out to create my registry, I had absolutely. no. clue. what I was doing. Seriously, none. There are sooo many baby products out there. Never having had a baby, how was I supposed to know what I needed, which brands were best, and what was extra that I could leave off? What I quickly realized after talking to friends is that very few first time moms know what to register for. We haven't had a baby yet, so how are we supposed to know what they need, right?

I registered for a lot of things I use and swear by, but I also registered for a lot of things I didn't end up needing or using. I thought I would take today to put together a list of several items every baby registry needs as well as give a few tips and tricks on creating a baby registry for the first time mamas of the world.

Choosing Where To Register

When choosing where to register, you want to take several things into consideration. The goal is to make it easy for people to purchase off of your registry. While any gift is generous and appreciated, babies are expensive, so if people purchase things you actually need, that will really help to ease the financial burden of welcoming a baby into your family. 

1. Return policy: you will inevitably end up returning a lot for various reasons. You will be given duplicate items, you will realize you don't actually need the item, etc. Make sure the store has a great, convenient return policy. 
2. Proximity to where you live: this sounds like a given, but you want to register at a place that is close to where your baby showers will be AND where you live. For example, if you register at Buy Buy Baby, but the closest Buy Buy Baby is an hour away, nobody is going to buy things off of your registry. 
3. Give people options: Register at 2 different places, and put different items on each registry. 

I chose to register at both Target and Amazon, and I would choose them both again in a heartbeat. They are convenient for almost everyone and returns are free on Amazon and always easy at Target for any items I needed to return. Amazon gave online shoppers a great option, and Target was perfect for anyone that actually wanted to go to the store.

Throwback to registering at Target with my sweet mom!

Basic Items Every Registry Needs

Here is a basic list of items that every baby registry should have. You will have items to add to this list, but here are some essentials:

Changing Table
Rocking Chair
Car Seat

Diaper Genie
Changing Pad
Changing Pad Cover (the wipeable version will be a life saver)

Milk Storage Bags
Breast Pump (check with your insurance provider before registering- most cover this)
Pumping Accessories
Nursing Pads
Nursing Pillow
High Chair or Booster Seat
Baby Spoons

Swaddling Blankets
Baby Mittens

Crib Sheets
Burp Cloths
Diaper bag

Good luck mamas!


Jen said...

I was definitely surprised with some things that we registered for that we never used. I would say start with the basics first and them build after baby arrives.

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