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Life Lately

Life lately can best be summed up with all the toddler giggles, college football, and family time. I absolutely love this time of year. Fall brings cooler weather, pumpkin bread, and Aggie football in our house, and we love it!

Here's a few pictures of what life has looked like lately in our neck of the woods. 

On a rare morning where Parker was off and Preston was at school, the three originals got to take a nice walk. We missed our little guy but enjoyed a some quality time with our fur born!

Parker sat down to read his son a story. This is about how it went... toddlers!

Parker was over the moon excited to watch football with his little man! Granted Preston lost interest about 2 minutes in, but it was a sweet little bonding moment while it lasted. Jenny loves Aggie football too. ;)

I like to jump into bed with Preston in the mornings, and it's just the best way to start our day. Gosh I love this giggly little boy.

If you have kids, you know that these carts are the biggest goldmine ever. Our local commissary has these and I am over here like "excuse me while I become a commissary shopper for life!"

That's life lately!


Jen said...

Life is certainly good! :) love the pictures!

Bailey said...

I am babysitting a friend's toddler for a few hours tomorrow, and I am going to be SO lost! I don't know how to entertain babies hahaha!!!

Kenzie said...

Looks like life is absolutely wonderful ♥


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