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Finding Out

Thank you for the sweet comments and well wishes as we announced the upcoming arrival of our newest blessing! We are so thrilled to be expecting a sweet baby boy! Pregnancy was definitely the reason for my recent blogging hiatus... hello first trimester sickness! I plan to share weekly updates about the pregnancy just like I did with Taylor and Preston, so feel free to follow along for all the baby news and updates!

For today, I thought I would share how we found out we are expecting and how I told Parker. We had been trying for 4 months, and the weekend before I took the test, we were in Houston visiting my family. There were a couple of little signs that something was off. We bought Play-doh for the kids, and the smell was absolutely killing me. My nephew also threw up that weekend, and as I was cleaning it up, I started to gag. I am a mom, so that stuff typically wouldn't have bothered me. I told Parker that Sunday night when we arrived back home that something was just off, and I wondered if I was pregnant. I just had a feeling that I was.

The next morning, Parker was already gone for work, so I decided to take a test before going to get Preston. Clear as day, that plus sign immediately appeared! I couldn't believe it! I was pregnant!! Even if you are trying and hoping to be pregnant, there is no way to describe the feeling of staring down at a positive pregnancy test. It is pure euphoria.

I went to scoop up Preston and told him he would be a big brother, and I told Jenny she was getting another sibling too. Both, as expected, were completed indifferent, so that made for a really special moment. ;)

Parker wouldn't be home until early evening, but I didn't plan any Pinterest-worthy ways to tell him the news. I just wanted Preston to hand him the pregnancy test, but I knew that would still be so special for both of us. He got home, and I told him to wait in the living room because Preston had a new trick. I gave Preston the test and told him to go give it to Daddy, and he dutifully marched right into the living room and handed Parker the test. Parker thought that Preston was just handing him a toy or something, so he said an emphatic "Thank you!" to Preston without looking down. Then, after a couple of seconds, he finally looked down at what he was holding. He gasped and started laughing and was so excited.

These next two pictures are screenshots from a video I took, so not the best quality, but I am so glad I caught his reaction on video!

It was a special little way to find out the good news, and we celebrated that night and about 4 calm days after before the nausea decided to move in and stay for a while. I enjoyed not being sick for the few days it lasted, but that's a story for another day!


Kimber Scotland said...

I love Parker's smile when he found out you were pregnant! So sweet!

Bailey said...

Oh man, I definitely teared up at that photo of Parker smiling at you. I am such an emotional person hahaha!

Jen said...

This is so so sweet and I loved the video you posted on IG!

Blooming Moms said...

Such a fun, adorable way to tell Parker! I love it! :)


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