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Birthday Getaway in the Lone Star State

I flew home to The Woodlands this weekend to spend time with my family and celebrate Danielle's and my birthday. I know it technically had not been that long since I was last home for Christmas, but Danielle and I were really bummed out about not being together for our birthday for the first time ever, so I decided to come home. As a twin, it just doesn't completely feel like your birthday unless you celebrate it with your birthday buddy! I know I know, we are a little ridiculous. Parker wasn't able to take leave, so he and Jenny guarded the house until I got back.

Friday night everyone was home, so we had a little Benner family reunion! Dinner, talking, was perfect. Saturday my youngest sister Faith had a track meet all day, but the rest of the girls hi-tailed it to the mall to spend those gift cards from Christmas! First we had a little photo shoot, naturally.

The birthday girls!
I have the cutest pupper nephew!
Sister sister

Don't worry, we have a hard time seeing the resemblance too ;)

We had a great day just shopping and catching up on girl talk. You can't go to The Woodlands Mall and not eat at Panera Bread (okay, we can't), so that was our lunch stop! We decided to call it a day around 3ish so we could get home and spend some time with Dad, but when we got in the car, it was dead. We couldn't get it to start no matter what we did, so we were thankful Dad was just a phone call away! Gotta love quality time, no matter how it happens, right?

That evening we celebrated our birthday, and my parents made an amazing dinner! I probably gained 5 lbs on this trip, but a vacation is a vacation and should be treated as such. Not only did we celebrate our birthday, but there was also another birthday to celebrate! Sister girl Bella turned 4 February 13th, so she was the third birthday girl in the house. Happy birthday, Bells!

One of my best friends Jami came over to celebrate with us, and it was so good to see her! We don't see each other often at all, but when we do we pick up right were we left off and make the most of it. I am so thankful for her friendship!

We all gathered in the living room to open presents and eat cake. Seeing the family was the only present I really wanted, but they all gave Danielle and me sweet gifts and goodies in honor of turning the big 24. I took a picture of the card from my parents because I look forward to seeing it every year. My mom always writes my name and then "2:54" right beside it. I was born at 2:54 pm and Danielle at 3:36 pm, and I always look forward to seeing the time on the card. It's just a neat little tradition that makes my heart happy.

My mom asked Danielle and me what kind of cake we wanted, and we were unanimous in our response. She makes a homemade strawberry cake that is to die for, and it definitely did not disappoint!

Too much deliciousness in one bowl!

My sweet Dad and one of my best friends!

I didn't want to leave without taking a picture with Faith, so we took one right as I was leaving for the airport!

Overall, it was just an amazing weekend of family togetherness. I missed Parker and Jenny, but being home was a wonderful treat. Danielle and I can now say we have gotten to spend every birthday together, including our 24th! I hope that no matter where we are in the world, we can keep up this tradition. We will take it year by year! I came home Sunday to my sweet husband and pup, both of who had been fed and bathed since I left. What more can I ask for?

Love you twin!



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