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A Reason To Celebrate

We had a couple of reasons to celebrate this weekend! The first was of course the news from Thursday's selection. Parker is going to fly jets, and we are headed to Kingsville, Tx for training. This is a big deal for our little Phelps trio and we couldn't be more excited! We made reservations at The Melting Pot Friday night and got ready for a fancy little date night to celebrate Parker's accomplishments- shout out to Groupon for saving us $50 on said fancy little date night :). If you haven't ever been to The Melting Pot or Simply Fondue, you should try it! It's a fun and different experience. It's a little pricey, but it's the perfect little date night for special occasions. Who doesn't love dipping cakes and fruit into melted chocolate? This girl was in heaven.

Meanwhile back in Texas, this beautiful sister received her Aggie ring!

I hate that we couldn't be there for Bree's ring day, but we were celebrating her accomplishment from Florida! We're proud of you!! All Phelps kiddos now have these shiny pieces of gold, and we are just two Benners away from all of our siblings having them. I guess this whole Aggie thing runs in the family ;).

Saturday we had friends over for the Texas A&M Maroon vs White game. With our time in Florida coming to an end, we were really just looking for a reason to get everyone together. I can honestly say I watched absolutely none of the game. Michelle, Allison, and I stayed in the kitchen the whole time and chatted while the boys watched the game the Masters. So we were all bad Aggies, but we will be better when the season actually starts. Though I didn't see any of the game, I do know we won. Gig Em! The boys were inspired by the Masters and went to play golf, the girls stayed and chatted about anything and everything, and we all reconvened for a late dinner. It was the perfect little weekend!

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