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Primary: Check!

We were so excited going into last week because we knew Parker would finish Primary. For those who don't know, Primary is the last part of training in Pensacola before he selects jets, maritime, or helicopters. Primary is supposed to take about 6 months, but due to factors outside of Parker's control like the weather and maintenance issues this summer, he checked into Primary in June 2012 and finished 10 months later. We have been making jokes about just buying a home and retiring in Milton because it seriously didn't seem like Primary would ever end! Parker had 2 flights left Friday and was on standby, so we didn't think he would get to fly, but an instructor became available and he got to knock out his last 2 flights in the T-6 Friday afternoon. We were both ecstatic! His last out and in was to Mobile, Al and he got home late Friday night in time for a little celebratory dinner at Chili's with a few friends.

With Primary out of the way, we get to focus on the future and what lies ahead. The exciting thing is we really don't know what's coming! Parker put in his choices for selection and we find out Thursday at 3 PM what he will be flying and where we will be moving. All weekend we were giddy with excitement about what is to come. Either way, it will be an awesome adventure and a huge blessing. I am really at peace with the fact that God has it all under His control, and He has already predetermined what He wants Parker to fly. Love that. Parker is hoping for his first choice, but he knows either way it will be a really great ride. It's a pretty big decision though. This decides what kind of plane will will fly for the duration of his time in the Navy, how much more training he has before he goes into the fleet, where we move next and the possible locations thereafter, etc. Like I said, either way it will be a blessing! We are just ready to know, so come on Thursday at 3:00!

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Danielle Gunter said...

So excited for the two of you. Tell Parker when he selects location to remember that "Fort Worth" is two words


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