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Recent Reads: April

April provided plenty of opportunities to read, and I wasn't complaining one bit! I managed to read a few more than 3 books, but I like doing these reviews in 3's, so I'll save the extras for next month. 

This month, I discovered Ellen Degeneres audiobooks are thoroughly entertaining and remembered that Lisa Scottoline can do no wrong. Here's what occupied my nightstand this month...

Come Home
By Lisa Scottoline

I think I might have a new favorite author. I read and loved Scottoline's Keep Quiet a few months back and loved Come Home just as much. The story was interesting, hard to predict, and had the perfect number of twists/turns along the way. It's a suspense novel where a woman's ex-husband seemingly commits suicide, but as she delves more into it, things just aren't adding up. I gave this 5 stars and definitely recommend it! It was easily my favorite book I read this month. 

Seriously...I'm Kidding
By Ellen Degeneres

I listened to this as an audiobook on my long drive to Jacksonville. It's actually a very quick read/listen and was over in about 3 hours. I can only speak to the audio version, but because it was read by Ellen Degeneres, I think that added to the humor of it all. It was quite the random hodgepodge of anecdotes, advice, and ramblings, but honestly, Ellen Degeneres could read the dictionary and make it funny. If you're looking for a book with a point or some sort of lesson at the end, this isn't for you. However, if you're looking to be entertained, this book will do just that. 

Can You Keep A Secret?
By Sophie Kinsella

This was my third Sophie Kinsella book after The Undomestic Goddess and I've Got Your Number. I enjoyed the other two more than this one, but this still kept me entertained. The plot centers around a woman who spills every little secret she has to a stranger on a plane on the verge of crashing. The plane doesn't crash, and the stranger ends up being the CEO of the company she works for. It was fun to read, but I wasn't too obsessed with the plot itself. It was just a little underwhelming for my taste. 

What did you read this month?


Veronica Lee Burns said...

Totally LOVED the Ellen book on audio!

Carly said...

I always hear that biographies read by the author are the best audiobooks! come home sounds like it was really good & sometimes sophie kinsella can be a little hit or miss, but i'm glad you enjoyed that one.

Bailey Kay said...

I'll have to listen to the Ellen book on audio sometime!

Janelle Cook said...

I LOVED Ellen's book, and I bet it was even better being read by her!! :)

Unknown said...

I also listened to Ellen's book and loved it! I feel like it was much better to listen to than to read. Way more hilarious hearing it from her.

Lisa C said...

If you like Sophie Kinsella, the Shopaholic books are good.


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