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Who Do You Blog For?

I've been at this blogging thing for over three years now, and I have published over 750 posts. 750. That number seems borderline crazy to me, but this is a hobby that I have come back to day after day, week after week. 


At some point, every blogger has to figure out why they blog. Or rather, who they blog for. Whether you are just starting a blog or publishing your 1000th post, you need to know who you are doing this for. I have thought about this question over the last few weeks and wanted to share my "who" with you all today. For me, there are five specific people/groups of people that I blog for, and here they are:

1. Myself

Honestly, there is no way I would have stuck at this for this long if I didn't truly enjoy it. I love writing, and blogging has been such a fun creative outlet for me. 

2. My husband

Parker has always been my biggest supporter in this blogging adventure. He thinks this blog is really cool, which I have always taken as a huge compliment. He likes that we document our lives and hopefully inspire a few along the way. 

3. Our families

Our families are the reason I started this blog. I wanted to create a way to keep them updated on our adventure through Navy life. I actually only know of a few family members that read this blog daily, and that is just fine. I still love that it is a way for them to stay updated on our lives. 

3. God

Obviously not every post is faith-based, but we have always hoped that Christ's love would shine through this blog. This blog is a great platform to share the joy of Christ through our blessings, and we strive to do just that. 

4. The one

This is perhaps the most special to me. I blog for the woman who stumbles upon my blog and finds encouragement through our journey with Taylor Grace. I blog for the military wife who needs positivity in such an unknown lifestyle. When someone takes the time to send me an email thanking me for writing a post or telling me it meant something to them, it reminds me that this is the biggest reason I love blogging. 

Bloggers: Who do you blog for?


Natalie said...

I love this post - I blog and I think I do so mostly because I enjoy writing, but sometimes I get a little down wondering why in the world I even go about blogging. This post reminded me that I as long as I enjoy blogging, I should stick with it!


Jen Mc said...

I blog for myself and my family. I like being able to look back at what we've done and have a "journal" of my life. My parents and siblings like to see what we've been up to.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

"The one." I love that so much!

Bailey Kay said...

A lot of my reasons for blogging are similar to yours-- it started out as a way to record my life in college and inspire other college girls, and now it's turning into a way to record Andy and my love story and for our families to see what's happening in our lives (okay, so they very occasionally read posts but that's ok). I'm actually struggling with knowing what to do with my blog, but Andy is reminding me that it's okay if I don't make money from it, as long as I love blogging.

Rachel said...

I love this! Especially that you blog for you as well as others! I've loved reading your posts!

A lot of my "who" are the same as yours. I definitely blog for myself as a creative outlet. But I also blog for that brand spanking new military girlfriend who has no idea what she's gotten into and is pretty sure that she can't do this. I hope that I'm an example of "you can do it!"

Jen said...

I love this! I blog for myself, it's a way to get my feelings out in a healthy way. :)

Patty said...

This is a great reminder Chelsea to regularly take time to think on this important question! Looks like you have strong reasons that keep you writing:)

Jenn @ Lost in the Right Direction said...

This new Military Wife thanks you bunches for continuing to blog :)

Kimberley said...

Thanks for sharing. This is definitely something I need to be thinking about as I progress with my blogging.

Janelle Cook said...

I love this. :) I originally started blogging to document our journey for family far away, but it became so much more than that!

Amy said...

i. love. this.
it's real and really puts things into perspective.
i like your "the one" - it is one of my motivations to blog most definitely!

Carly said...

750 posts is such a huge accomplishment! I've definitely asked myself this question pretty often-- when I was writing my last post on our trip to Boston I couldn't figure out if I was trying to write a recap of our trip or more of a guide to Boston-- honestly I still don't know what I was trying to accomplish, haha. But I think as long as you're writing what you want/believe/feel that's what means the most!

Stephanie said...

You are just great. :)


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