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Things I Want To Remember: Week 25

Week 25 has been so much fun! There are some weeks that don't feel like much happens, and then there are those weeks where I feel like I experience something brand new and exciting. This has definitely been one of those! Here's what I want to remember about week 25...

1.  I had a doctor's appointment to check the heartbeat, and it ended up being the funniest appointment. The doctor would put the doppler on my belly, we would hear the "whoosh whoosh" sound of the heartbeat for a few seconds, and then we would hear a giant "thud!". The baby kicked the doppler! This literally happened four times before the doctor looked at me and said "Okay, his heart rate is in the 140s, but I can't get any more accurate than that because the baby won't cooperate." He really isn't a fan of being messed with, but I just got such a kick out of him kicking the doppler away. Little stinker!

2. I am up 4 pounds since my appointment a month ago, which brings my weight gain to a total of 15 pounds so far.

3. I started getting a sharp pain in my upper left thigh just under my hip. A few times it has gotten so bad that my leg actually gives way from underneath me. I guess it's sciatic?

4. I don't remember what it was like to not have a bloody nose every morning when I wake up. It's not bad at all, but I always have a little bit of blood in my nose. I know this is common, but it's still strange to me!

5. I am feeling very pregnant lately and have to constantly remind myself to take it easy. I love to be productive and get things done around the house, but I just can't keep up with the pace I used to, and I am trying to be mindful of that. I can be so stubborn, but I definitely want to make sure I am taking care of our little guy.

6. The coolest thing this week has been the increase in movement. Not only do I feel him move all the time, but I can now see his movements clearly from the outside. It's so fun!


Jen said...

The pain you are getting definitely sounds like sciatic, I had it really bad during my pregnancy but it's completely normal.

Bailey said...

That is too funny about him kicking the doppler away!! I wonder if this is a sign you're going to have a stubborn baby on your hands! ;)


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