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Special Christmas Ornaments On Our Tree

I thought it would be fun today to share some of my favorite Christmas ornaments on our tree! I like a fairly uniform tree, so most of our ornaments are various gold and red patterns from Hobby Lobby or Costco, but we also have several keepsake ornaments sprinkled in.

When Parker and I take a trip, we usually grab an ornament as a souvenir. We also have a few ornaments that are special because they represent a member of our family. Those are my favorite on our tree and the ones I get most excited to hang!

This first one was actually a gift from my mother-in-law this year. It was the perfect size for a sonogram picture, so I slipped in my favorite image of our sweet baby boy. Love him so much!

This is an ornament I made with our wedding invitation. I cut each line into a strip, curled it with a pencil, and put them all in a clear ornament with our initial.

I made this one with Jenny's paw print when we lived in Florida. It was our second Christmas with her. You know you are an obsessed dog mom when you have your pup's paw print on the tree!

This was a Christmas gift from one of my sweet friends this year. Her husband was also on deployment most of the year, so she made us these matching ornaments to commemorate this chapter. So thoughtful!

These next two are my Taylor Grace ornaments. I always hang them at the top of the tree right under the angel. This first one is a crystal cross and was a gift from a family friend shortly after Taylor went to Heaven. There is a little charm at the top that has the year 2014 written on it. I love it.

This last ornament is my favorite on the tree. It was a gift from my friend's mother in law in 2014, and I cry every time I put it on the tree. It's just so beautiful and special to me in so many ways.

I love little ornaments that make a tree more personal, and the ones above are what help make our tree ours! :)


Bailey said...

I love your ornaments! I will have to make an ornament of our wedding invitation since we had way too many extra!

Jen said...

I love your ornaments, it's so nice to look back on so many special memories.

Anonymous said...

What special ornaments! I love the stories and memories associated with each item we hang on our tree too!


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