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Things I Want To Remember: Week 29

Hello week 29! Not going to lie, it feels like week 37, but 29 it is! It's been a slightly challenging week of pregnancy, but it's all still been a blessing and one I wouldn't trade for anything. 

The most notable thing about this week has been this sharp pain in my pelvis and hips. It's mostly on my left side and really only an issue when I stand up or walk. Sitting or laying down isn't painful. There are times where it's been too painful to walk, and I have to sit down and give myself a little pep talk to get through whatever I am doing. I am sure baby boy is just sitting on something, but I'll talk with the doctor next week to make sure. Definitely painful!

Indigestion is still pretty bad after every meal. Same old, same old on that front. It's not a big deal until I try to lay down to go to sleep. Then it's a battle not to throw up. So far, I am winning the battle! haha

He is still such a little mover! I love it! I could sit and watch my belly move around for hours. I still can't really tell which body parts are where, but I definitely feel him all the time! He is most active when I sit or lay down. 


Bailey said...

You look great! I will be praying that your pain in your hips and pelvis goes away and that you can stand up and walk with ease... well as much ease as you can have with a baby bump! ;)

Jen said...

You are beautiful and i lived in that same sweater when I was pregnant haha.

Kimber Scotland said...

I'm sorry about that pain you're experiencing! Hopefully it'll go away very soon. :)
Kimber Wassenberg


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