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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little look into life lately in our neck of the woods...

For me, it's all about those baby snuggles. We are nearing the end of the newborn phase, so I am cherishing those tummy naps he takes on my chest. They are getting fewer and farther between, and as fun as it is to watch him grow and learn new things, leaving the newborn phase is sad!

Friday night + gorgeous weather = walks along the waterside. We've learned the easiest thing to do with a baby is walk. Whether it be with the stroller or the baby carrier, Preston loves it and we do too. On this Friday night, we loaded up the stroller and took a walk along the water.

Jenny is a big fan of our long Saturday walks... here she is thinking she is pretty hot stuff next to this fountain. ;)

In other Jenny news, she would like for her brother to get bigger faster so she can play with him. 99% of the time, she couldn't care less about her new roommate, but on the rare occasion, she will go sit next to him and offer her toy.

Just another day in the neighborhood! We love spotting peacocks along our afternoon walks. Such a unique thing for a neighborhood to have.

Parker and I decided to try Hello Fresh, a meal delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients and detailed recipes. We thought it would be a fun little date night in, and it really was! We made them together (or Parker made them while I stood around the kitchen corralling the baby). The recipes are healthy and use ingredients I normally don't think to use, so it was a really cool learning experience!

Cinco de Mayo with some of our favorites. What you can't really see in this picture is Preston's mustache pacifier. So. darn. cute.

Thankful for friends who embrace our little family and love on our son! This boy never runs out of people who want to hold him!

That's life lately!


Kate Mitchell said...

Jenny and Preston are so cute together!

Bailey said...

Is that the Gentle Leader on Jenny? How did you train her to start using it?

Nicole said...

Oh my this is so sweet. I miss cuddly naps with littles! You dog is such a character. Ours has a pretty inflated sense of self though. Which is funny because he weighs about 9 pounds.

Jen said...

I miss the cuddles, E is not a fan anymore haha. It makes me so sad.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

He is getting so big! That peacock is crazy! Glad you guys have been able to get out, and that you have great support system!

Janelle Cook said...

I LOVE how Jenny is trying to play with Preston! So fun!! She will be thrilled in a few months when is mobile!! :)


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