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Preston and Jenny

One of the most common questions we get from family and friends is "How is Jenny doing now that baby Preston is in the picture?". We were pretty sure Jenny would be just fine with Preston, but it's still something that was in the back of our minds leading up to his birth. Thankfully, Jenny has responded exactly as we thought she would... she couldn't care less.

A family tagline is "Jenny is not impressed". Because honestly, she's just not. She has a fun little personality, loves being loved, and loves anything to do with playing outside. Other than that, she's unimpressed with pretty much everything. Preston has been no exception. We kind of see this as best case scenario. She leaves the baby alone and doesn't really have any interest in going near him. It doesn't get much easier than that!

When I was pregnant, I had so many people tell me "Just wait until the baby is born. The dog will become second fiddle". I'm obsessed with Jenny, so naturally I was a little offended by these comments but kept my mouth shut. Now that I have a baby, I can see that there was some truth to this. Preston is my child and obviously number one, and he became number one as soon as he took his first breath. Jenny is second now, and rightfully so. 

That said, she's still my best girl and my little buddy. We still take our daily walks, snuggle in the evenings, and do nature hikes as often as we can. You can still hear the phrase "we have the best dog" uttered throughout our house at least 10 times a day. She's still our favorite girl and our furborn!

I am really excited to see Jenny with Preston when he is a toddler. I can picture them running around together and being the best of friends. Then again, there is an equally likely chance that Jenny will still be completely apathetic to the toddler version of Preston. Regardless, we love our unimpressed pup and think she is a fabulous fur sister to her human brother!


Nicole Weaver said...

Just wait till he starts throwing her puffs and other food. They will become best friends.

Jen said...

That's how Emma is! She just isn't impressed with E.

Bailey said...

I can totally relate to when people say "Just wait until you have a baby." People were telling me that my gagginess when Lily throws up will be totally different "when I have a child of my own" and I was telling Andy "But Lily IS my child!" Haha.

Janelle Cook said...

As soon as he's eating in a high chair, she will LOVE LOVE LOVE him! hahaha


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