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16 Weeks

I realize it's a little silly to post my 16 week update the day after my 15 week update, but 15 weeks fell over Christmas, so I wrote that post a week late! Next week, I will be all caught up and start posting just one bumpdate a week.

Week 16 was one of my favorites so far! We were still home with family for half of it, and I got to kick off 2019 16 weeks pregnant!

The best thing that happened this week was that I felt the baby move at 16w0d! I was laying on the couch at Parker's family's lake house and felt the little flutters. It was amazing. This is the part of pregnancy that I just love. The sickness is brutal, but now that I am (mostly) past that, I am reminded how much I love being pregnant.

I have been craving sushi so much, and our small town doesn't have a sushi restaurant, so I went to sushi twice while we stayed with my parents. Parker and I got a much needed sushi date night, and then I actually got to go to sushi dinner with just my twin sister. That never happens! I of course ate all cooked sushi, but it was delicious!

Parker and I spent most of our long car ride home talking about names for this sweet baby, and we just don't have a clear winner. We have a name that we both like, but we aren't sure like we were with Preston's name.

I got to see my best friend from high school and meet her sweet one month old daughter, and Preston lost his ever loving mind at the sight of me holding a baby. He clung to my arm and sat next to me the entire time. June should be fun. ;)

I hadn't told anyone at Preston's daycare that I was pregnant because I really wasn't showing too much before we left for Christmas break a couple of weeks ago. I walked in this week and the first thing they all said was "Are you pregnant?!??". There is no hiding this bump now!


Kate Mitchell said...

Luckily you have plenty of time to pick a name! And if you don't have one until he's born, maybe you'll know when you see him.

Jen said...

You look fantastic!!! :) Happy New Year!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

So cool you felt your baby move! Your his mommy! Lol. You never know what can happen in 5 months. Maybe he'll end up being really excited!


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