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17 Weeks

Week 17 was one of my favorites so far! I feel like I have hit that second trimester sweet spot where I am in between the first trimester sickness and the third trimester can't-breath-because-too-big stage. All of pregnancy is a blessing, but the weeks where you feel like a real human being are something to shout about. ;)

I made fish tacos this week and accidentally undercooked one of the pieces of fish. I didn't realize it until I had already eaten a few bites, so naturally I did what any pregnant person does and freaked out that I somehow hurt the baby.

I have been so thirsty this week and am guzzling water by the gallon it feels!

I still have a fetal doppler from my pregnancy with Taylor Grace, so I decided to try to find the heartbeat so I could hear it. I found it for a few seconds before little man swam away, but it was a magical sound!

For the first time in my life, I have noticed that I don't have oily hair! I usually have to wash my hair every other day, and by day 2 it is pretty greasy. I can go 4 days without washing it now... what?! Is this what life is like for people with dry hair? If so, sign me up because this is amazing!

I have felt the baby move here and there a couple of times, but I know I was feeling Preston more consistently at this point. I am starting to wonder if I have an anterior placenta, which makes it harder to feel the baby early on. He is alive and growing, so I am thankful for that! I just wish I felt him more!


McKenzie Allyshia said...

I still absolutely love the sound of the baby's heartbeat. I miss that whoosh whoosh sound ha ha. You are looking positively radiant!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

So glad he's still healthy! OMG I wish I could wash my hair only every 4 days!


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