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20 Weeks

Whoaaa, we're halfway there! I can't think of 20 weeks without singing that line from "Living on a Prayer". This week marks halfway through this pregnancy and halfway to meeting our son! We are so excited, and it is starting to feel more real!

We had our anatomy scan, and everything looked good! He is still a boy and was very wiggly on the ultrasound! My babies have always taken after their father with heads measuring big, but this little boy's head was measuring smaller, but still normal. I've never had a kid with a normal sized head before! Even Taylor, who measured small the entire pregnancy, had a disproportionately large head! ;)

Parker felt the baby for the first time! We were laying in bed, and the baby had either his head or rear end pushing up against my stomach, so there was a hard bulge at the bottom of my stomach. Parker was able to feel him- it was really neat!

We found out at the ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta, which we suspected. It's perfectly normal, but it means the placenta is between my stomach and the baby, so it makes it harder for me to feel the baby move. I have finally started feeling the baby pretty consistently though! Parker even got to feel some kicks a few nights after feeling the initial head/butt bump he felt earlier!

Our highlight for the week was settling on a name! We are pretty sure we know his name, and we both absolutely love it. I came up with the first name, Parker thought of the middle name, and we both just think it fits. We are so excited to be calling this baby by name now! We will wait until he is born to share it on the blog... no fun, I know! :)


Bailey said...

I can't believe you're halfway through this pregnancy! I can't wait to hear what this little one's name is-- how fun that you came up with his name! Parker named the others, so now it's your turn ;)

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Great song! Glad everything is continuing to go well! Can't wait to find out his name!!

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so glad he has a name now! :)


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