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Friday Randoms

So I want to blog about a few random happenings from this week. None of these things were particularly interesting enough to merit their own post, so Friday Randoms it is!

  • I made stir fry for dinner one night this week. This meal is a regular weeknight meal in our house for two reasons: It is stocked with tons of vegetables, and it's quick to make. Can't beat healthy and fast!

I love cooking with so many veggies, and this meal changes each time it's made with different vegetables and marinades. Yummy!

  • Danielle (twin sister) and I Facetime daily and occasionally let the pups converse. They can't see each other, but they can hear each other, and we get a big kick out of watching them react. Seeing Sully always puts a smile on my face!

Pupper cousins!
  • Parker has this helicopter toy, and I assumed it was one of those stress reliever things that you squeeze, but then I caught him waving it in the air and making helicopter sounds. You never know quite what to say when you catch your grown husband flying a toy helicopter around the room. (He was actually using it as a reference point to practice aerobatic maneuvers, but it was a funny image!)

  • Parker and I bought a little kit at Bed Bath & Beyond for a homemade dog ornament. It came with this tough, foamy material, and all we had to do was stamp her little paw print and voila! I am embarrassed to say I spent $10 on this. It didn't occur to me until after that I probably could have done a DIY version of this for 50 cents. We got too excited when we saw it, and logic temporarily went out the window. Jenny could have cared less and was not a fan of pressing her paw into a foreign object, but it's fun to have a little Jenny ornament on the tree!

So in love with these two!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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