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Our Last Weekend Before Christmas in Texas!

We love the weekends. I mean who doesn't right? This weekend was amazing and just what we wanted. Friday was date night. I had some exciting things happen at work last week, so Parker told me we could go anywhere I wanted to celebrate. Usually we pick the restaurant and activities together, so getting to pick where we ate was a thinker. I chose Blackwater Bistro in Milton, and no regrets! It's this cute little restaurant that used to be an old house, the food is delicious, and it always feels special. If you are in this area, make it your next date night! After dinner, we saw The Hobbit. Not really my kind of movie, but Parker was really excited about seeing it. It held my attention, and Parker was pretty entertained, although he said it wasn't as good as the other Lord of the Rings movies. It was still a fun date night!

Saturday we slept in, had a big breakfast, and went to Parker's Primary class BBQ. A lot of the girlfriends don't live here, and a couple of the wives couldn't make it, but I got to hang with Britni while the boys played football and frisbee. Thank goodness she was there too! It was a fun time!

Parker's Primary Class

You'd be surprised how hard it is to get 11 grown men to all look at the camera at the same time

Britni and me!

Thanks for taking a break from throwing the football to take a picture with me!

Love this guy :)

Saturday night we went to Ryan Corridan's house for Poker Night. So much fun. I am really competitive (courtesy of growing up with a twin and two other sisters), so I got pretty into it. We each put in $5 and decided winner would take home $30 and second place would take home $10. Towards the middle of the game, I was doing pretty well. I had the most chips and was feeling good until Troy took all my money. It happens. I got third overall, Ryan S. got second, and John won. We probably played a good three hours before someone actually won.

Ryan C. also had this little gem of entertainment called the X-Box Kinect. I can't remember what it's called, but he had this dance game that was way too entertaining. You have to follow along with these ridiculous dance moves. We drew cards and decided the high card would have to do one of the dances for all of us. Of course Parker, the least apt to comply, drew the high card. He gave us a few moves and was done. Troy and John got really into it though. Check out this little gem:


There was also a little karaoke involved

Sunday we went to church and then to the NEX to buy one last Christmas present. Parker wanted me to come with him to buy my present, and oh my gosh am I excited! We are doing our little family Christmas Wednesday night before we head to Texas, so I will post pictures then! We vegged out and played with our sweet puppy most of the day. Sunday night we got to take pictures of two of our friends getting engaged! It hasn't been publicly revealed yet so I won't spoil the surprise, but we are so excited for them!!

Parker likes to drag Jenny's toy under his legs to watch her shrink down and follow it

Jenny partaking in one of the bones left over from the ribs Parker had at Blackwater Bistro. She isn't allowed to take it until we say okay, but incessantly licking her lips is fair game

Please continue to pray for the families of the lives lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy. We are praying fervently and asking God to comfort them in this unthinkable time of loss. Hug your loved ones. Time with them is never a guarantee.

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