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Tacky Christmas Sweater Party 2012!

My friend Britni and I decided to host a Christmas party for our friends here in Pensacola this past weekend, and we had a blast! We had a tacky Christmas sweater contest, a make-shift Christmas photo booth, a dirty Santa gift exchange, and more food and adult beverages than anyone should consume in one evening. It was perfect. People got into the sweater contest, and it was very entertaining to see the boys so decked out in what looked like their great-grandmother's sweater. Ryan Corridan won the contest with Ryan Stewart coming in a close second. Tucker the Corgi came in third! I had never heard the term "Dirty Santa" before, but we play a really fun Christmas exchange game with Parker's family every year that I thought would be a blast to play with our friends. Everyone brought a wrapped $10 gift (guys brought guy gifts, girls brought girl gifts), and we had a gift exchange. We all drew numbers, and you could either open a new gift on your turn or steal one that had already been stolen. Once the gift was stolen twice, it was frozen. The boys were pretty funny about it! We are so blessed with such amazing friends down here, and it was so fun to have a themed party. I will let the pictures tell the rest!

My lovely co-host!

Gift exchange!

Parker and I had changed out of our tacky sweaters by this point...way too hot when it's 80 degrees outside in December!

Girls with the Christmas tree!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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