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A Different Kind of Love

Parker started instruments SIMs this past week, which brings up lots of mixed feelings for both of us. On the one hand, he is almost done with primary (exciting). On another hand, it means our time in Florida is quickly drawing to a close (bittersweet). As fun as it is to move new places, Florida has been our home for over a year, and we are going to miss it. Another thing that comes with Parker starting instruments is the crazy busy schedule (bummer). When he is not in the airplane or in a SIM, he is studying. Eat, sleep, study, fly. This seems to be the way it's going to be for the next few weeks. Parker was scheduled this weekend, and of course my first thought was well that stinks for both of us. You have to work on your weekend, and I have to be all by my lonesome on a Saturday. Then I looked to my left at the adorable little brown eyes staring up at me and remembered that I still have my best little girlfriend to make everything wonderful.

Jenny and I planned a great Saturday together. We went on a long walk in our favorite ritzy neighborhood, we smelled all the wonderful smells, we chased innocent birds and cats, and then we came home and passed out on the couch.

Jenny makes our lives so much richer, and she has taught us a different kind of love. I don't necessarily mean in the way we love her. We knew we'd love her like our little child and become more obsessed with her every day. That was no surprise, but the way she loves us is so unconditional and so forgiving that we could really stand to learn a lot from her. She doesn't hold it against us that we are always leaving her to go to dinner, movies, etc. She doesn't get upset with us when we discipline her. No matter what happens, her waggy tail and sweet pupper kisses are always there to greet us. Always. I think dogs love people in a way we can't necessarily understand, but I'm so grateful that they do. Jenny has actually taught me a little bit about how much our Heavenly Father must love us. She is literally obsessed with us, always wanting our attention, and always craving our love. This can only be a small fraction of the passion God feels for each of us. Pretty cool to think about.

Parker eventually got home, and we were a happy little family of three again doing our normal weekend thing. I was glad to have my buddy back, but having my best little girlfriend with me all weekend is something I far too often take for granted. So thankful.

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Unknown said...

When did you take Jenny on a walk? She told me she took YOU on a walk!


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