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Phelps Family Boating Adventure

So this is where we spent our Saturday...

Parker and I were itching to do something active without actually working out (let's not get crazy), so we decided it would be a great day to rent a boat up at Whiting Park and enjoy the day on the water. The high of the day was 50 degrees, so we bundled up like snow bunnies, grabbed Jenny, and headed out. Even though it was freezing out on the water, we had so much fun! We were like giddy little kids telling each other over and over how much fun this was. We will definitely be doing this again when it gets warmer! Since we didn't know how Jenny would handle this new experience, the guys that worked there recommended we rent a john boat versus a canoe because Jenny had a better chance of liking that. We took the pros' advice, started it up, and off we went!

I put a life jacket on Jenny because I thought it was cute, but Jenny and Parker were not amused. It came off quickly.

Parker was the driver, and I was the Jenny monitor. We were fairly confidant that she wouldn't jump out because she doesn't like to swim, but we didn't trust her 100%. All it would have taken to get her out of that boat is a duck casually swimming by. 

 Parker and I were having a great time, but Jenny was scared to death. She had never been in a boat and just had no idea what was going on. I tried to keep a hand on her so she knew I was right next to her, but she was terrified. After about 10-minutes my mama bird instincts kicked in and I remembered that she was scared to death of the car when we first got her. She hated the car and shook with her tail tucked the entire ride. It wasn't until Parker or I held her close to us in our laps that she felt safe. Now she loves the car and gets so excited when we say "Wanna go for a car ride?!", but it took us holding her for her to realize it was okay. I thought this theory was worth a try. I picked her up and held her close to my body, and she didn't move. Jenny loves to snuggle but hates being held, but I could just feel a sense of relief from her when I picked her up. She enjoyed the rest of the boat ride happily on my lap sniffing all the wonderful smells.

Her little 40 lb self got heavy after awhile, but we had an unspoken agreement that neither of us would let the other one go. I kept looking over at Parker and Jenny and just thinking wow, I am blessed. With gorgeous scenery all around and our little family jetting through the water, I had to stop and thank God for that moment. He has blessed me far beyond what I deserve.


We arrived back on land, and Jenny jumped out of that boat onto the beach faster than I could stand up. We think she had an okay experience and will really enjoy it next time since she will know what to expect. Also, I have to throw this out there: this little adventure costs us $8. What?! I couldn't believe how cheap it was. I wish we would have known about this last summer because we would have gone all the time! Hopefully it will be the first of many family boating trips!

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Everyone is having some fun, dog looks scared.


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