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You May Not Know

These posts have been floating around blogland for a few days now, and I think the questions are really interesting and decided to participate. Yesterday you learned more about the boy behind the blog, so today I'll give you a few random facts you may not know about the girl behind the blog. And by a few, I mean five.

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?
Absolutely not. I love this question because I have been told it seems like Parker and I have the perfect life. Honestly, we feel like we do, but this was never, ever the life I imagined. I wanted to get married, settle down in a Dallas suburb next to my family, and have kiddos a few years later. I did get to marry the love of my life, but settling down is the opposite of what we've done. And I love it. I never dreamed of the military life when I was younger, but now that I am living out this wonderful adventure with Parker, I really wouldn't want it any other way. It just goes to show how God's plan can be so much greater than your own.

2. What is one trend you will never hop onto?
I would've said Twitter, but that ship sailed when I gave in and got a Twitter last week. So now my answer is mint paired with chocolate. I have no idea why people seem to enjoy this so much. I am an avid chocolate lover, so why would I want to ruin it with the mint taste? Mint makes chocolate tastes like toothpaste, and I get so deflated when I bite into a piece of chocolate only to find out it's tainted with mint.

3. What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?
My Dad instilled a concept in me when I was younger that I still revert back to today: quiet confidence. Most people don't know this about me, but I was actively involved in TaeKwonDo when I was younger. I was actually pretty good at it. I was ranked first in the state of Texas and fourth in the nation for my age, and I got used to winning at tournaments. My Dad taught me to be quietly confident in my abilities, but not outwardly boastful about the talent God had given me. I think humility is such an attractive quality in a person.

A few throwbacks

 4. What is your favorite piece of jewelry, other than your wedding ring?
Easy, my Aggie ring! Getting your Aggie ring is a big deal at Texas A&M. I wear it every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I love that little ring of gold!

5. If you had a baby now, what would the baby's initials be? 
This question is such a teaser because I get to share the names we love without actually sharing them. I'll do it for a girl, and I'll do my favorite and Parker's favorite. If we had a baby girl right now, her initials would either me TEP or CEP. I'll let you try to guess what those initials stand for, and I'll give you a hint- the P is Phelps ;).

Happy Friday everyone!!


Jamie Hart said...

I absolutely love your answer to number one! We all have dreams of settling down and what not but the fact that you are totally happy where you are and willing to follow God's plan is very special! And quiet confidence is such a great thing!

Christiana Marie said...

This is sweet! Look at your skills! Your foot is up so high- I would dislocate my hip for sure:) and I also dislike minty chocolate, unless it's Christmas- then I like peppermint chocolate- but that's a little different. Happy Friday!

Alex[andra] said...

Mmm.. Mint chocolate. I love the throwback photos! I have to be honest though, I have no idea what an Aggie ring is. My excuse is that I'm Canadian. :p

Anonymous said...

I agree that mint chocolate is disgusting! I'm going to guess that the E stands for Elizabeth? No idea about the T or C, though.

Happily Ever Parker said...

Mint and chocolate is delicious! :) T I am guessing Tenley and C I am guess Caroline... :)

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

mint chocolate sounds great. :D hope you have a great weekend. cute pic of you two

Kenzie Smith said...

I love mint chocolate ha ha! But, I'm really not a huge chocolate fan.
Does the E stand for Elliot?

Anonymous said...

Love this post! :)

Saira Naomi said...

I;ve reblogged with my answers :) and I agree with the mint choc thing! :/ haha x

City Life Attempter said...

I totally agree with you on the mint and chocolate mixture - yucky!! Straight chocolate all the way :)

Janelle Cook said...

This post is SO MUCH FUN! I love it. What a great idea! :)

I hope you had a wonderful week!


Janelle Cook said...

PS - I'm stealing the idea! :)

Becky Kozak said...

Haha, twitter friend! But omg, mint chocolate chip ice cream is my FAVE!! I'm not a big fan of anything else with mint and chocolate... except for the girl scout cookies. Yuum thin mints. Have a couple for me, will yah? They don't have them in Australia ;)

xo Becky

Unknown said...

Came over from the Confessional Fridays link up :)

Love your answers to #2 and #3. Not because I don't enjoy chocolate + mint but the way you explained it, I tootally see what you're saying about the toothpaste thing haha. My personal fav chocolate combo is dark chocolate + berries, or some tea flavor. Basically fancy pants artisan chocolate haha.

And #3: Preach it, sister :)



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