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Buffalo Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

This was a recipe I just sort of made up to use some of the ingredients we had on hand before we moved. It ended up being a total success! Parker and I both loved it, and it took 10 minutes from start to finish. These quesadillas would also make a great lunch option!
Ingredients (serves 2):
1 container of Deli Fresh Buffalo style chicken (see below picture)
2 large wrap tortillas
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese, divided
1/4 cup green onions, divided
4 Tbsp ranch dressing, divided
2 Tbsp buffalo sauce, divided

*These are roughly the measurements I used, but feel free to adjust to your liking. This recipe does not have to be followed exactly!

1. Heat your chicken in a skillet for 3-5 minutes. It's precooked, so I just do this to make sure the chicken is good and hot for the quesadilla since they cook so quickly. Set aside.
2. Place one tortilla wrap flat in the skillet. Fill with half of your chicken, half of your cheeses, half of your green onions, and half of your sauces and fold tortilla over. 
3. Heat each side of your quesadilla 1-2 minutes or until tortilla is golden and cheese is melted.
4. Repeat with your second tortilla. Serve warm with a veggie!


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Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

We've had something similar before and they are so yummy! Makes me want one now..I think I know what we're having for dinner tonight ;-P

Carly said...

I've never seen deli chicken breast but this looks delicious! I love your buffalo chicken recipes!

Aishlea said...

YUM! Will be trying this soon! I had forgotten about that chicken. I used to buy it a lot!

Lydia @ This Marine Wife said...

I make a quesadilla recipe similar to this, but yours looks absolutely delish. My mouth is seriously watering right now!

Elizabeth said...

These look delicious! I hope I get to make these soon.


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