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Guest Post: Silly Mistakes From a First Time Mom

Happy Friday, friends! I am really excited to introduce yall to Iulia from Best of Baby. I have loved getting to know her via the interwebs, and her blog has quickly become one of my daily reads. She blogs everything from pregnancy to babies to motherhood. Today she is sharing some of the (hilarious) silly mistakes she made as a first time mom. Take it away, Iulia!

Ever look back on moments in your life and want to do this?

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I've had countless of those "what was I thinking?!?" moments since becoming a parent.  As a first time mom, I made a lot of silly mistakes (and probably also as a second time mom...just haven't realized them yet).  I was totally serious about them back then, but now, I can thankfully look back and laugh.  So in no particular order, my "silly first-time mom mistakes"
(Note:  no judgment on anyone else that's made these mistakes...I'm making fun of myself, not you.  You may have been totally justified in your silly behavior.)

The Lysol Incident
That time I dropped Jay's paci on the floor at church...and FREAKED OUT.  I thought for sure we couldn't make the car ride home without a paci (all 15 minutes of it), but I obviously couldn't give him a pacifier that had fallen on the floor...he might catch the Spanish Flu or something!  I know!  There's Lysol in the bathroom.  I'll just spray it with that. Oh my gosh, I just sprayed my son's paci with Lysol, what was I thinking?  I don't even use Lysol in my house!  Anyone have an unopened, newborn sized, orthodontic paci I could have?  No?  It's going to be a long ride home.... (Two words y'all: paci clips)
Hot Lava!
Jay started crawling before he could even sit up. I was SO not ready for him to be mobile...not because I didn't want to chase after him, but because I didn't want to put him on the floor.  Germs people, GERMS. So I had a special blanket that I would put down for Jay to crawl on....but if so much as one toe ventured of the blanket? HOT LAVA! I'd quickly rush in and scoop him back up onto the blanket. Whew, that was a close call...he almost caught that Spanish Flu again. Seriously long did I think I could keep that up? As determined as I was, I had to come to grips with the fact that I needed to let my son crawl around on a surface bigger than just a 4'x3' blanket.  So I went out and bought a bigger blanket. (just kidding!)
Oh no!  Mom caught me touching hot lava! 

Is my baby drunk?
Then there was the time I thought my baby was going to get drunk.  If you haven't picked up on this yet, I'm kind of a germaphobe.  Just kind of.  One day, I was out with Jay when he touched something I thought was dirty (probably hot lava).  Never one to leave the house without some germ killing mechanism, I whipped out my hand sanitizer and sterilized his hands (and maybe an arm or two for good measure...just kidding).  But because I needed something else to be paranoid about, I started to get worried about what I had just rubbed into my little baby's I turned to the most reliable resource for all parenting questions -- Google.  Oh my goodness did you know that delinquent toddlers across the country are partying it up with hand sanitizer?  Umm, what I mean to say is that there have been cases of kids ingesting hand sanitizer and having highly elevated blood alcohol levels.  And since anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body....oh my gosh my baby is going to get drunk!  I know that sounds crazy, but my new mom mind rationalized that if big kids can get sick from licking hand sanitizer off their hands, my little baby, whose body could tolerate way less alcohol than a two year old (#mybabyisalightweight), could too.  I called my husband in a panic, who (while probably thinking I'd officially gone off the mommyhood deep end) calmly reassured me that our baby was not, in fact, acting tipsy.
The Truck Stop
Here's a picture of Jay when we brought him home from the hospital (those cheeks!):

This is quite possibly the only time Jay was ever content in his car seat. He HATED car rides when he was a baby.  We could hardly make it down the street without him losing it.  When Jay was 2 months old, we decided to take an 8 hour car trip to visit my parents.  Now some might say that in itself was a silly mistake, but that's not what I'm getting at.  At some point during the trip he became so hysterical that we decided we just couldn't keep we pulled into the only stopping area for miles:  a truck weigh station (picture the tiniest little car among truck giants).  To make matters even more silly, half of the station was closed and blocked off with cones.  Well those cones may have deterred the big trucks, but not our little sedan, so we just drove right between them, got out, and started vigorously swinging our car seat back and forth to try and calm Jay down.  The cherry on top was when the police officer came out to ask us if everything was ok.  "NO officer, everything is OBVIOUSLY NOT OK.  CAN'T YOU SEE OUR BABY IS CRYING!? Nevermind that we're parked illegally in a truck weigh station.  You must not have kids."
Do you have any silly first time mom mistakes?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!  Stop by my blog, Best of Baby (where you're sure to find a lot more about my mommyhood ridiculousness), and drop me a message!


Julie said...

hahaha I laughed so hard at these! I'm also a first time mom and a HUGE worrier, so I have done so may ridiculous things. lol! Once I decided to read a whole article on SIDS and was completely paranoid that she was going to suffocate in her crib. She started rolling really early and the books say not to let them sleep on their belly, so I freaked out and went in to roll her over every time she did, which woke her up and made her VERY angry. My husband eventually got me to stop doing it. lol

Stephanie said...

Haha these are great. I think we all have those moments. I still get the heebeejeebees when George tries to eat/suck on cloth. All I can think about is all the little micro-organisms that live on cloth. Yuck...


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