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I used to be that person who dreaded working out. I did it because it was good for me and it felt great afterwards, but I needed to have about 10 different internal pep talks just to get my rear end to the gym. Now, the tides have turned and working out is one of my favorite elements of my daily routine. I need to get that workout in to feel productive and have loved coming up with new ways to exercise.

My favorite part of working out? Definitely my workout buddy, aka the hubs. I've found that exercise is so much more fulfilling and exciting with a buddy. I used to think that Parker and I couldn't do things like go on runs together because he is so much faster than I am. Well, that's still true and probably will be forever, but it doesn't mean we can't still make each other a part of the experience. We can cheer each other on and be a source of motivation and encouragement. 

We've recently started coming up with little challenges to keep things fresh and build muscle in different target areas. I'm trying to tone up my arms more, and Parker's working on his chest and arms. We are both big into running, so I think we get a good amount of targeted legs and cardio in the runs. Coming up with new challenges to meet gives us something to work towards and also lets us be an accountability buddy to the other one. In honor of that, I thought I would share a few new challenges you can use to spice up your fitness routine.

1. Do 200 pushups a day for 2 weeks
Modification: If 200 is too many, try doing 100 per day. 
Tip: Break it up into as many segments as you need to achieve the goal

2. Run 31 miles in 31 days
Modification: If 31 is too ambitious, try 20 miles in 31 days
Tip: Try doing a mile a day if distance running isn't your thing

3. Power walk 4 miles a day, 3 times a week
Modification: Walk 3 miles a day, 3 times a week and gradually build up the speed/distance
Tip: If 4 miles at one time is too daunting, try doing 2 miles in the morning and 2 in the evening

4. Reduce your mile speed by 20 seconds
Modification: Train to a point to where you can run a mile faster than you could before
Tip: Try sprint workouts some days and distance workouts other days to strengthen that mile time

5. Complete 5 pull-ups
Modification: Complete 1 pull-up
Tip: If you can't do an entire pull up to begin, try doing a half pull-up and building to a complete one 

Another way we like to mix up our work-out routine? Healthy foods and protein-packed snacks. Living an active lifestyle is great and all, but if we aren't fueling our body with what it needs to keep up, the workouts are miserable. I like to make smoothies packed with chia and flax seeds and snack on carrots and hummus, but sometimes it's tough to find enough protein to build the muscle we want. Working out is only half the battle, and a little protein will go a long way in the muscle-building department. 

I found EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control protein drinks at Walmart and decided to give them a go. I remembered that Parker loved the EAS protein powder in college and thought the drink could be an awesome way to get lean and toned while still getting the good, complete nutrition we need. I also liked that each drink was only 100 calories. I don't know about yall, but after I've worked out, the last thing I want to do is consume a 500 calorie protein drink. There is something about that that seems so counterintuitive, so thanks EAS for having my back. 

I found EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control in the nutrition aisle near the pharmacy at my local Walmart, here:

Fellow fitness fanatics: I'd love to hear some fun challenges you have set for yourselves! What keeps you moving?


Jen said...

You know I love posts like this! Makes my runner heart happy haha.

Susannah said...

That's so fun that you two work out together! When Nate isn't working crazy hours anymore we're planning on doing that too!

Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

I haven't spiced my routine up in over a year. As a matter of fact, I haven't really worked out in a year and I was a gym rat before! I need to get back to it, I miss it. This is really great motivation! #client


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