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Friday Confessions

I know I am a broken record and say it every week, but this week absolutely flew by. I think it's because it's summer (aka busy season), but hey, I will not complain that another Friday is upon us! Here's what's been going through my head this week:

I confess... I know our neighbors by the names of their dogs. That sounds bad. Let's back up. We met all of our new neighbors on the same night, and I tried to remember as many names as I could, but for some reason the dogs' names are what stuck in my brain.

I confess... Parker told me to lay low on the baked treats so he wasn't so tempted to eat them all the time, so I didn't make any dessert for us to eat over the last few days. A couple of nights ago, Parker complained that there has been "a serious lack of desserts this week". Men. You can't win. 

I confess... I never wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook anymore. I just don't ever think about it. So, to friends and family on Facebook, Happy Birthday from me to you. 

I confess... I started watching the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy again on my lunch breaks. George and Izzy and Meredith and Christina = happiness.

I confess... Everyone else is ready for Fall, and I'm over here praying that it stays Summer forever. Vitamin D is good for the soul!

I confess... I was wearing jean shorts and a plain v-neck Wednesday when Parker got home, and his response when he saw me was "Awww, you look so cute!". It's sad that because I am usually in work-out clothes, old shorts and a v-neck constitutes cute. I'm not sure if it is a marriage win or fail that I have set the bar so low. 

If you need me, I'll be doing a whole lot of this over the next 2 days:

Happy Friday yall!


Amy said...

oh girl i'm praying for fall.
100+ 100% humidity SUCKKSSS hahaha

Julie Danielle said...

What a sweet dog! I stopped with the Happy Birthdays too...unless it is like my mom or brother or someone like that. They almost feel forced and I don't like that. Plus, I figure people get so many of them anyway.

Bailey Kay said...

I didn't wish my sisters a Happy Birthday on Facebook... because I saw them in person! Also, sometimes I don't wish people a happy birthday on Facebook either. But let's be honest, if it weren't for Facebook I wouldn't know anyone's birthday.

Also-- they are selling DWTS tickets on Groupon here for like $25! Too bad I'm going to be in Indianapolis the same weekend as the DWTS tour!

Jen said...

Haha Kyle does the same thing when it comes to desserts, just can't please them. ;)

AiringMyLaundry said...

I forget to wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook too. Oops!

Janelle Cook said...

Hahaha! One day, Dan told me I looked nice when he got home, and I think it's because my hair wasn't in a ponytail for once... oops!

Sarah Bolynn said...

I am all about the first season of Grey's!! Soooo good! :)

I also don't do HBD's on FB anymore. Or really anything on FB for that matter. My favorite is Instagram--short, sweet and to the point!

Stephanie said...

I know people by their pets names too. While I love fall, I feel like I haven't gotten enough of summer yet. And it also means that school will start. Ahh summer please stay!


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