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Throwback... Tuesday?

The theme for today's post is "Show who you were in high school". I thought this sounded really fun. I wasn't the popular girl by any means, but I quite enjoyed high school. I had my own little niche and absolutely loved my home town. I went to the same high school as my mom and grandfather (a couple of renovations later), and because I had attended school in the same town since 3rd grade, I felt like I knew everyone. 

In honor of this Throwback Tuesday (that just became a thing), here is what high school looked like for me, in bullet form for simplicity's sake. 

  • I attended Midlothian High School and was class of 2007. Go panthers!
  • My high school did not do a homecoming dance, which I didn't realize was weird.
  • My best friend in high school was also named Chelsea. She played tennis with me and was my doubles partner senior year. They called us Chelsea squared, and high school would have basically stunk without her. 

  • I played tennis all four years, which I always say is what made my high school experience. 
  • My best friend (Chelsea) dated my now brother in law, Logan. They dated throughout high school, but he and my twin got together in college and are now married.
  • My biggest regret in high school is switching places with my twin sister at her track meet. Many may find this ironic since I have proudly shared this tale with the world. Yes, it made for a really funny story, but since we unknowingly broke UIL rules, the athletic department had to punish us and made us sit out at our next respective meets. For me, this was my senior district tournament. Chelsea and I (we played doubles) had a really good shot at going to state, and I took that from her. 
  • My twin sister was the slightly cooler one in high school. She's probably always been the slightly cooler one, actually. 
  • I took mostly AP classes, and my close friends were all really smart. 
  • I had one boyfriend in high school, and we dated for about a minute. And by a minute, I mean we dated for like a month and a half. The next time I really liked I guy would be my freshman year of college, and that guy is now my husband.
  • The Office was a big deal when I was in high school, and Chelsea and I once put our tennis coach's name plate in Jello as an idea we got from the show. Classic. My tennis coach was easily one of my favorite parts of high school.
  • My twin sister and I lived with our grandparents the last couple of months of senior year. My dad's work moved him to Houston, and they graciously let Danielle and I finish our school year out before moving us too.
  • While living with my grandparents, we each gained a solid 5-10 pounds. That's probably the chubbiest I have ever been. Sports were over and my Nana made us all of this delicious food... what are twins to do?! My Nana likes to give me a hard time because I gained that 5-10 pounds all in my face... sad but true! As soon as we graduated and moved, we lost the extra poundage.

Ahh, high school. So many memories. I know everyone is always so excited to graduate and get the heck out of their hometowns, but I would go back in a heartbeat. Those were the days!


Jen @ South in the City said...

I would totally go back to high school!!

Jen said...

These photos are so fun! Not sure if I would go back to high school though.

Bailey Kay said...

I would NOT go back to high school. Living in Owensboro again, I run into high school classmates all the time and I don't like it. College, on the other hand, I would go back to in a heartbeat.

Melissa said...

I hated high school. I was never bullied, picked on...nothing. I was invisible. Honestly, I didn't find my place till college! I'm glad that you had fun though!

julie @ said...

Fun!! I wouldn't mind re-doing my last two years of HS...! But what the heck, I had an awesome time then!

Janelle Cook said...

Aw, this was fun to read! I loved high school too!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Loved reading these stories! So weird that your BFF dated your sister's husband! Lol. Small world!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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